10 Steps to better cycling in 2017

These will make you better.

  1. Take a pull.
  2. Stop half-wheeling.
  3. Show up on time.
  4. Call shit out.
  5. Keep your head up.
  6. Climb more.
  7. Compliment someone.
  8. Intervene when someone’s being a dick to a new rider.
  9. Ride early.
  10. Quit comparing your stats.
  11. Eat more fruit and nuts.
  12. Give up a wheel.
  13. Give someone a push.
  14. Buy someone coffee.
  15. Wave at a cyclist.
  16. Wave at a cager.
  17. Introduce yourself.
  18. Ask a Fred to join your club.
  19. Ride just a little > No ride at all.
  20. Shop at an LBS.



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20 thoughts on “10 Steps to better cycling in 2017”

  1. I was going to enumerate the points I agree with, but I think many of them can be summed up by: don’t be a dick. I do particularly like points fourteen through twenty.

    1. Always a great general rule, but some specific anti-dick guidelines can be useful for the less self-aware.

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