Rain cape


forecast rain, heavy. check closet. two rain capes. specialized rain cape like sieve. white plastic rain cape like greenhouse. recheck forecast. still heavy rain. post facebag. flog ride still on. derision responses. stageone notes new rain cape for sale. purchase. now $85 short in rent money. but have three rain capes. text bad judgment friend. want rain cape? wants. morning 3:00. steady rain. dread. morning 4:00 heavier rain. heavier dread. morning 5:00 alarm. no rain. joy. coffee. news. congress took my insurance. yay. better not take risks. dress. 6:00 poke nose outside. heaviest deluge since noah. push bike from under awning. instantly soaked to skin. temp 52. subtract 10 for wind chill. 42 degree cold shower. awake now. coffee wasn’t needed. descend no visibility. consider absence of insurance. continue anyway. soakage. rain cape working. chest dry. rest of body not so much. rain pelting. can’t see. arrive at flog launch. two other idiots huddled under arch. bad judgment friend has no rain gear. give plastic greenhouse cape. 6:35 pointy sharp. ride. rain pelts incomprehensibly hard, only more so. fun a concept not a reality. more rain. sadness. bodies slowly warm. slow as in not at all. six terrible flog laps. idiots senselessly cold and miserable. more sadness. la cuesta unendurable. all ascend. rain cape merely a fashion statement. only effective rain cape a roof over your head. flogging ends. rain ends. pain ends. sensations return to extreme places. can’t wait until next time.



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29 thoughts on “Rain cape”

  1. nick wainwright

    Perfect description of riding in the UK from mid November until the end of March

    Its why I have a turbo!

  2. Only train in the rain once in a while, so you know what it is like when you have to race in the rain….of course, races get canceled now because of rain (too dangerous for snowflakes). Only train in the rain once in a blue moon…this is not an opportunity for idiocy….you have proved that before!

  3. For mere mortals who are not in the superhero business, Stageone seems to sell a rain *jacket.*

  4. That takes some big kahuna burgers to leave a dry warm house to venture out to do the Flog Ride. AND there were others there as well. Maybe that’s the difference between 53 and 57? Maybe not, because I am pretty sure at 53, I would have texted “Fuck it!” and gone right back to bed.

  5. Some days it’s “kudos” for your BMUFL sign work, other days it’s Bill Engval’s “Here’s Your Sign”…

  6. I’ll leave the house for a ride with a rain cape in my back pocket but I won’t leave the house with a rain cape on my back.

  7. Oh what have you done? You are going get fan mail from those velominati wankers, who get hard-ons fantasizing about riding in the rain.

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