Are you riding too much?

Yes, you.

You know who you are.

More importantly, you know how your legs feel right now.


Yeah. You, who don’t race for a living, are trying to figure out how to get through your Super Hangover from being on your bike all day yesterday. And the day before.

You know, that string of days that put you at more than 300 miles for the week with some crazy amount of elevation.

Has it occurred to you that, at age 40-whatever, you’re riding too much?

Has it?

Okay, I can already hear your answer. “TOO MUCH FOR WHAT?”

And that’s a good answer, because on the Internet the best defense is all caps. But you have a point. Too much for what?

Let’s drill down, shall we? I’d make a flow chart but those are too difficult. So here’s a handy self-diagnostic quiz:

  1. I ride more than 200 miles a week and I’m not paid for it. T/F
  2. I’m tired. T/F
  3. I ride when I’m tired. T/F
  4. I’m too tired for sex. T/F
  5. After I ride, I do things I have to do but I do them tiredly. T/F
  6. My thighs ache right now. T/F
  7. My back aches right now. T/F
  8. Every time I get ready to ride my bike I have to climb a small mountain of tired to get dressed,air up the tires, and roll out the door. T/F
  9. No matter how tired I am (like right now) I always make the group ride, after which I’m even more tired. T/F
  10. Being tired feels bad but not riding feels worse. T/F
  11. I feel guilty because I’m too tired to talk to my family, but I feel guiltier if I don’t ride. T/F
  12. I’m pretty sure that being tired helps me lose weight. T/F
  13. If you’re not tired you aren’t riding enough. T/F
  14. “Too tired legs” can only be overcome with a quick 2-hr. spin. T/F
  15. Other people ride a lot more than me and they’re not tired. T/F
  16. Tired is a state of mind. T/F
  17. Rest is what happens when your competition quits working. T/F
  18. I can recover with a good hard run. T/F

If you answered “True” to any of these except the first one, here’s some advice: Up the mileage. You’re clearly not tired enough.



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24 thoughts on “Are you riding too much?”

  1. How dare you accuse me of being tired. I am NOT tired I am simply NOT rested. UNDERSTAND???? (besides if it’s worth doing it must be worth overdoing…..)

    1. I’m not really accusing anyone. I’m making excuses for not riding my bicycle any more.

  2. Either you have:

    A. Just bought a home exercise equipment franchise and are trying to drum up sales.
    B. Just learned Chinese so you can manufacture at the best price, your new line of stretch waste garments for prostatly challenged former cyclists who now prowl the $9.99 buffet.
    C. This is just another in your long line of “training” tips designed solely to foil the training of the average gullible cyclist ( i.e. 100% of the population)
    D. All of the above.

    I’ll think of more when I can pry my tired dying body of the saddle of my bike.

    1. It’s funny how easy it is to see through my strategems. They seem so clever when I compose them.

  3. Yep I overdid it this weekend and was too tired to read citsb (still too tired to spell all those words) this morning.
    Maybe I just need to work less and ride more

  4. You forgot:

    19. I feel better when my legs are tired and/or ache.
    20. If I don’t feel tired most or all of the time, then there must be something wrong with me.

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