What would you take?

A fair part of any cyclist’s life, or rather so-called life, is looking lovingly at bicycling items. For some it is a favored helmet, for others the clean cut of a full carbon wheel that is made of 100% carbon exclusively and containing nothing but carbon, for yet others it is a new box of JoJe Peanut Butter and Chocolate bars, and for some it is a new pair of shoes with shiny ratchets and clicky-spinner thingies.

It is hard to choose which bicycling item is most special. But if you were marooned on a desert island, which bicycling item would you take with you? I think about this often and it is hard to decide, so I made a list because lists are comforting.

  1. JoJe Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip bars. They wouldn’t last long but then I again I probably wouldn’t, either, so might as well go with a smile on my face.
  2. Diablo MK8 headlight. I love this light so much I bought two of them and mounted them on my bars like car headlamps. It would be so cool to have that light on a deserted island. I could flash the light at passing ships until its battery ran out after 6.5 hours. Then it would be really dark.
  3. South Bay Cycling socks by Base Cartel. They are so comfy. I would walk around on the island comfortably, and stretch my legs out in front of me as I basked in the sun, admiring the fancy embroidery.
  4. Sunscreen. I’d for sure take the sunscreen.
  5. Wend Chain Wax. I wouldn’t have a chain but if it were an island, and the island had a reef, and it was facing some good swell in the winter, I might chop down a tree with my headlight and make a small surfboard and then I could use the chain wax for my surfboard.
  6. Front FastForward tubular racing wheel. I would be very bored on that island, but I can gaze pretty much forever at a spinning wheel. You know how you hold either end of the skewer and spin it and it goes around and around and around, hypnotically? I would do that a lot.
  7. CBR Crit Winner’s Pint Glass. I would squeeze coconut milk into this glass and mango, and add a dollop of fresh spring water, and enjoy the heck out of the beautiful colors while reminiscing on that amazing year when I won my first race and then retired undefeated.
  8. Big Orange skinsuit by StageOne. I would wear that thing everywhere, along with my racing socks. I would feel really fast, like I was about to ride off that deserted island in a flash.
  9. Starbucks card. You never know when they’re going to build one right near you, and then I’d be able to start my day with a latte even though I was the only person there. Yum.
  10. Lezyne floor pump. This is such an elegant device I don’t think I could be happy anywhere on earth without it.

What about you? What would YOU take?



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34 thoughts on “What would you take?”

  1. Ah! The annual, “and now a word from our sponsors post!” As an aside, thanks to you, I’ve been using the Wend Chain Wax. That’s good shit!

  2. My shiny specialized evade helmet because aero is everything, even when you have no bike to be aero on

    1. Truth. Most crucial at night, in bed, when you might have a bike dream and then need the helmet for real.

  3. I would take the Park Tool Coconut Husk Extractor Tool™ (CT-01) so I could join you for a coconut mango milk. Sounds great 🙂

    Plus, quiet. And alt-0153. That’s fun.

  4. We have self-driving cars, but there is no solar powered air compressor made of 100% carbon that distills nitrogen and fits in my seat bag..

    I know I’m weird, but I still like a good frame pump. I think Zefal is the only one still producing them.

  5. #10…is forever! A good floor pump is a friend. Rain , snow, sleet, or hail. Mine was purchased in 1971, when your pal Nixon was President. Have kept it in good shape and it still works fine!

  6. 1. Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame.
    2. A generator and lots of fuel.
    3. A desalination plant.
    4. My husband.
    5. A couple of i phones, with working Whats App.
    6. Chargers.
    7. Dark chocolate or Maybe your chocolate peanut butter things.
    8. Sketch pad.
    9. Colored pencils.
    10. Knife

  7. My wife and I have a great time on our tandem, so she qualifies as a “bicycling item”, and I would definitely want her to be with me on a desert island. (Isn’t is customary for women to go topless on desert islands?)

  8. Strava and a bike. Deserted Island I’m gonna have a ton of KOM’s and eventually I will get rescued as someone will come searching for the island to beat my KOM’s

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