Shimano defends exploding full carbon wheels that are 100% carbon

March 11, 2017 § 10 Comments

Cycling fans were shocked to see Gianni Moscon’s Shimano full carbon wheels explode in the team time trail on the opening stage of Tirenno-Adriatico, also known as “The Race That No One Knows Exactly Where It Is But Prolly In Europe Somewhere.”

Moscon’s full carbon Shimano wheels, made of 100% carbon and verified through rigorous testing to contain huge amounts of carbon, bigly, detonated mid-race causing him to experience a dramatic bicycle falling off incident and, with the prominent name of Shimano attached to the wheels, also caused Shimano to experience an even more dramatic falling off of sales incident.

The fourteen thousand shards of carbon were carefully collected and sent to G. Lonergan for repair, however, after careful evaluation, he reported from his world famous Duct Tape Labs that “I can fix it, but not in time for tomorrow’s race.”

The shards were then sent to Shimano’s research facility in Fukushima, Japan, where the company released a statement confirming that the wheels had passed rigorous testing under nuclear core meltdown conditions and that the Shimano 100% carbon full carbon wheelmakers were proud of their “flawless record.”

Industry insider Puddin’ McOlskool was skeptical. “Their fuggin’ flawless record ain’t so fuggin’ flawless now, now is it?”

The Shimano statement continued: “PRO is continuing its investigation into the issue we saw with Team Sky at the team time trail of Tirreno-Adriatico. We are continuing to look closely into all factors that could cause the incident.”

Cranky McSlammstem, tech analyst for CitSB, deconstructed the statement. “First off, see, they’re already blaming it on PRO, their wheel division, kind of like your right hand blaming something on your ding-dong that you’re holding. Second off, they’re calling it an issue, when what they mean is ‘our randomly exploding wheels.’ Sounds better, eh? I mean who doesn’t have issues? My old lady has ’em. I have ’em. Our pug has ’em which is why he pees on the couch when he gets excited. But ain’t nobody got a randomly exploding wheel, especially nobody who likes to ride fast on a bicycle. So my two cents is that they got some exploding wheels and that ain’t any good and if I was you I’d ditch my exploding Shimano wheels and get me a pair of FastForward full carbon race wheels, which is made of 100% carbon, purely.”

When asked to pinpoint what might have caused the wheels to randomly explode, both McOlskool and McSlammstem agreed that “Them fuggin’ wheels obviously wasn’t 100% carbon.”



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§ 10 Responses to Shimano defends exploding full carbon wheels that are 100% carbon

  • Tamar T. says: I have one of the first two pairs he made in September 2010. Aero, aluminum, as light as carbon but they stop in all conditions. (He makes carbon too but I’m kinda fond of stopping in all conditions including wet.) Of course, Nir isn’t going to pay SKY what Shimano pays them to ride his wheels…..

    • fsethd says:

      But exploding wheels are IN!!

    • channel_zero says:

      I didn’t see any carbon. Will you please think of the lost Watts!

      Everyone knows profamateurs need more carbon and more hours in the saddle. It’s how you get fast. AmIright Wanky?

      Link saved.

      • fsethd says:

        There’s no substitute for 30 hours of big miles & mega intensity all the time. And carbon.

  • dangerstu says:

    Probably undocumented cleaning with triamcinolone.

  • krfifteen says:

    According to Geraint Thomas, three of those wheels broke. The only caught one on video.

    Geraint Thomas‏ @GeraintThomas86
    Well that couldn’t have been much worse!! When 3 of your teammates break their front wheel…

    • fsethd says:

      Coincidence and their record is FLAWLESS except for those three small flaws so leave them alone thanks.

  • bonnev659 says:

    Great write up Seth

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