World fame on Amazon

There are two ways to know you’ve hit the big time.

  1. Your $2.99 blog finally gets four subscribers, none of whom is a family member.
  2. You get mentioned on an Amazon bicycle customer review.

One of these just happened. Click here.



For $2.99 per month you can subscribe to this blog and get none of the news that’s fit to print but all the news that’s fun to read. Click here and select the “subscribe” link in the upper right-hand corner. Thank you!

21 thoughts on “World fame on Amazon”

    1. Two. You want two. And see if they can get you a deal because you can get it cheaper on the Internet. But get them to size you first!!

  1. I subscribed a while back via Paypal, but opted out after learning of Paypal founder’s political leanings. Do we have another option to subscribe????

    1. You can mail me a check. Seth Davidson, 21250 Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 500, Torrance CA 90503. Thanks!

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