Wanky Race Predictor!


Wanky Race Predictor for CBR Crit #4

Last 20 laps of the MP12 race will be fast.

Last 20 laps of the WP123 race will be fast.

Last 15 laps of the Cat 3 race will be fast.

Last 15 laps of the Cat 4 race will be fast.

Last 15 laps of the Old Fart 35+ race will be fast.

Last 15 laps of the Oldest Fart 45+ race will be fast.

Last 15 laps of the Sandbagger 35+ 3/4 race will be fast.




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20 thoughts on “Wanky Race Predictor!”

  1. #cashmoney #cashmeoutsideinabreakaway

    Not sure if Shirtless Keith will give me a pop tart to make me faster on my all carbon 100% carbon machine

  2. I won a watermelon prime from Brad House at Dominguez Hills one year – I dropped it trying to balance it on my bars on the way back to the car –

  3. How Ironic!
    All these prior posts re prejudice bias discrimination unfairness.

    yet the 55+ racers, die hards who have supported bike racing and PI lawyers (via insurance premiums) for Many years get nothing nada zilch in primes, as described above.

    Freedom of choice. It’s what you want. It’s what you got.

    1. You can sponsor another go to Brad House prime, one sock per lap for the last 5 laps – You have to win two to get a pair!

      1. And if you win non-consecutive primes you get mismatched socks. Incentive to come back and try harder next time!

        1. Five guys, five separate socks. Sucks to go for a prime by a guy who once gave away a watermelon!

  4. Man! Those 50 buck laps won’t bring me outta retirement but I might show up and watch from the sideline! 😳👌🏽

  5. I see track riders… And 30 second intervals..

    I used to work with a guy that won one (1) crit as a cat 5. He’d talk about that one time so wistfully. And now you want to give $50/lap to some wanna-be sand bagger.

    Do the right thing: double the women’s P/1/2/3 money. The cat 5’s can go pound sand.

    1. Cat 5s aren’t eligible for primes. Please check the flyer.

      Every time someone suggests giving more money to someone else I thank them for their generous offer to donate.

      And then they go away.

  6. Strong work Wanker. Have to ask – I assume all this disposable cash is a result of some well-placed/timed investments?

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