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  1. What a brave and good man you are Seth (under the circumstances, it seems a little rude to call you Wanky…). Given the past history of violence in that area (especially over the surfing “rights”) I wonder if you might be a little careful…..Thank you for fighting the good fight!

    1. Hi, Sandy. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve never spent my life looking over my shoulder and won’t begin now!

    1. Hopefully they will just do the simple, cheap, expedient, right thing and no one will have to get got.

  2. Michelle landes

    I love you Seth Davidson in a purely platonic cycling friend way !! ❤

  3. …it’s like we hit a little chunk of ice floating in the water…we then tried to move the ice out of harms way, and discovered a GIANT iceberg under the surface…
    …STOP SIGNS???????…Wanky, did you know cyclists are OUT THERE running STOP SIGNS!???
    THE AUDACITY. There is a full blown evil, and hate, hiding & lurking in PV, and we are getting push back on bicycles!…I’m nearly speechless…i can’t get my head around this.

  4. And the fun continues…

    Hard to believe we are living in 2017.
    Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  5. I salute you for doing this. At the same time, I am grateful for the fact that at this time in our history a skinny white man can write a letter that will hopefully right this wrong. That’s much better than having to march on a capitol or getting some heads bashed in.

  6. Gadfly. Sacred cows. Moooo!

    I wonder if there will be a stampede to the next town-hall meeting there in PV.

    I hope and trust you will keep your subscribers informed of developments, fsethd.

    Thank you.

  7. I’m having difficulty seeing the courage in any of this, unless we completely water down the meaning of the word. To be sure, the relevant covenants, if still officially effective, must be removed post haste. But the blogger seems to be guilty of the worst kind of virtue signalling and moral preening in how he has framed his cause-free crusade. It appears he has done nothing to prove that these odious but ancient covenants are in any way keeping African Americans out of the areas in question today. How does the low percentage of African American home owners there prove intentional segregation? How do random acts of graffiti demonstrate the soul of the place? But it certainly feels like he has no problem at all slinging mud and impugning the character of the town and its residents, without the hint of real justification.

    I hope the restrictive covenants, if still there, are removed without delay. And then there are terrible problems facing our communities and nation which require real courage, problems which won’t go away with this kind of vain posturing. Perhaps they blogger will be moved to tackle them next.

    1. Thank you for your support in this effort to remove the racially restrictive covenants. Please email me with your contact information so I can add you to the list of residents who want this changed and who believe that these covenants don’t represent the “soul of the place.”

      It’s a very short list.

      You can also show your commitment by subscribing to my blog. Thank you!

      1. Ouch!…that is true…Seth…the preener…haha…the ONLY athlete (i know) who refuses to raise his arms after a victory…
        …Wow…attacked for “discovering” this INSANITY, then blogging about it… Brother, before we “tackle” anything else, let’s check this off the list.

        1. Yes, and this gentleman seems like he will support us although he doesn’t think it’s important. I’m waiting for that email from him but maybe the letter carrier lost it.

    2. Only people who have not experienced “racially restrictive” covenants or behaviours see this as merely an issue of deleting the offending text and all is good with the world. As the son of survivors of Auschwitz and Mauthausen concentration camps, whose extended family were all murdered there, I can tell you it all started with restrictive covenants and laws.

      1. Yes, it did. And they studied and perfected concentrations camps based on the U.S. Army’s use of reservations for Native Americans.

    3. One step at a time, One step at a time, brother!
      I am personally unable to invent many of the technologies I use today, but I am really glad somebody else started the process by asking why and letting their curiosity and concern get the better of them.
      “Vain posturing”??? I recycle everything and give any money I collect to our local community center..its a small thing….something no one really knows about. This is seemingly trivial and meaningless, but it must help, and it makes me feel good.
      Any action towards the betterment of society is a good thing and should be thought of as such.

      1. It’s not trivial or meaningless. When people try to knock you down because your actions don’t solve world poverty or end war for all time, they’re projecting their own apathy and inertia and making excuses for it by blaming you for trying to make a difference.

    4. brugiere – first you say that Seth is doing the right thing, then you insult how he is doing it.

      If you genuinely believe he is doing the right thing, any disagreements you have with his methods should be in the form of suggestions, not insults.

      If you genuinely believe he is doing the right thing, you should be at the next Palos Verdes Homes Association board meeting adding your voice to the calls to remove the racial content in their covenants.

      1. Haha! He doesn’t care at all. He’s just trolling. And his insult game is weak.

  8. What?!? You’re an attorney, I’ll be more careful with my post from now on.

    Nice work.

  9. Completely and utterly unimportant comment:

    When viewing this on a computer screen, it is impossible to read the documents, as they cannot be “clicked to enlarge”. It’s ok on mobile, because I just expand the screen. I don’t know if these are posted as jpegs, or what, but it’s not readable on computer, at least on mine. Maybe that’s a WordPress issue?

      1. I went ahead and uploaded the PDF and linked it at the bottom, but yes, that’s the way to do it!

  10. Ummm. I always thought it was a bad, bad idea to be your own client in a lawsuit. Client confidentially and all that…

    Does seem like this matter will work out though. Good for you! Right those wrongs. On to the issue of PVE signage next?

  11. Raymond Wright

    You are the man Seth! I love it when people use the legal system for good.

  12. Good job! It may seem a small thing to simply delete what can no longer legally be enforced, but symbols do matter. I hope the HOA does the right thing, but I’m almost pulling for you getting your fees!

    1. Doing the right thing is always a wing and a prayer on the best of days, especially when racism is involved. Thanks–

  13. California Civil Code Sec. 1352.5 is brief and quite to the point.

    How they intend to update the CC&R’s will be the interesting part.
    From the CC&R’s themselves, it appears the Board will need to call for a vote and obtain the proper tally. My guess it is that cascade the Boards’ from way back and up to now were hoping to avoid.

    1. No vote required by the parcel owners. The board can do it quickly on its own initiative.

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