A most subversive marriage


It’s not often that the referee marrying you says “batshit crazy” or “I hope we didn’t offend the baby Jesus.”

It’s not often that two people are married by a man proclaiming “the power vested in me by the Internet.”

It’s not often that two people get married in their underwear.

It’s not often that the underwear marriage is witnessed by a hundred friends. Also in their underwear.

It’s not often that humor and warmth spill across an entire rocky slope during a wedding.

It’s not often that the words joining two people are so truthful, considered, and well said.

It’s not often that you meet two old friends for the first time on their wedding day.

It’s not often that the mother of the bride climbs 2,000 feet on a bike to attend.

It’s not often that a wedding gang sneaks over a hundred people into a park with the most beautiful overlook on earth, surgically marries the participants, then flees under cover of broad daylight, saving at least ten grand in rental fees.

It’s not often that those witnessing a wedding are bathed in sweat after a two-hour ride through brutally hilly terrain.

It’s not often that the tears are so genuine and the laughter so true.

It’s not often that two lovers trust the words binding their union to a bearded, uncouth Armenian wearing a pope suit who speak so deeply from the heart.

It’s not often that the shining star finds the blazing fire.

It’s not often that she finds him.

It’s not often that he finds her.

And when they do, it’s beautiful, forever.





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17 thoughts on “A most subversive marriage”

  1. We’re both sitting here, drinking coffee, eating pancakes intended for the kids, and crying our eyes out. Thank you, Seth, for such an amazing post. We’re so lucky to have you in our lives.

  2. I’m not the kind of guy that usually gives two shits about weddings- I mean, if a shotgun is not involved, does it really count?
    But that day moved me. It was perfect.
    Talk about the stories: “Hey dude. How’d you meet your wife?”
    “Oh man, I was riding the Donut and this chick hocked a loogie on my leg.”
    Great expectorations!

  3. Who is the lucky couple? Congrats to them!

    I was married in a church in 1995. Apparently, God didn’t help our marriage, as my wife had two affairs (with a bike racing friend of mine and then with her boss). We are now divorced, but get along better than ever!

    So, if I get married again, God is not invited. And, I really like the idea of getting married in a beautiful place, like in a state or national park.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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