Hired Guns: Part 8

Part 8: The Interchickens

Anonymity is a powerful thing, and sometimes it’s a force for good. The Federalist Papers were written anonymously, and the numerous hacks that have exposed public and private corruption in our own century couldn’t have been done except under cloak of secrecy.

But anonymity’s power can be used for evil just as easily for good. Threats and harassment from nameless adversaries can punish the innocent and allow the person hiding behind the mask to behave in ways deserving the most extraordinary opprobrium. The most famous of these was probably the troll Michael Brutsch, who, despite his online bravado, became a whimpering sop when he learned he would be outed as a troll and purveyor of hate speech: “When Chen informed [Michael Brutsch] about the impending exposé, he pleaded with Chen not to publish it because he was concerned about the potential impact on his employment and finances, noting that his wife was disabled and he had a mortgage to pay. He also expressed concern that he would be falsely labeled a child pornographer or anti-Semite because of some of the subreddits he created.”

Using anonymity to push political agendas is time-honored, and it is under cover of anonymity that at least one of the major players is leading the charge against the PV Estates Police Department. This culture of secrecy and clandestine hate follow the trajectory of racism in PV Estates as well, where blacks have epithets painted on their homes under cover of darkness and racial insults are scrawled on cars at PV High by nameless vandals.

Who are these people so opposed to the PV Estates Police Department? Why are they so fearful of signing their name at the bottom of the screeds they write? How do they look at themselves in the mirror knowing that for all their keyboard bravado, they still lack the courage of a simple signature?

Answering this question takes us yet one more step along the journey of understanding law enforcement in Palos Verdes Estates. The police report linked below is disturbing in the nth degree. Read it for yourself, and imagine what would have happened if the antagonist had been black, rather than a well-known and infamous resident of PVE itself.

[Link here: Resident’s blatant obstruction_of_law_enforcement during a traffic stop.]

If you read the link, you will doubtless be wondering who this person is. Is it the same bedwetter who wastes countless hours of police time with barking dog complaints? Is it the same person who has launched attack after anonymous attack on cyclists who both live in and ride through the community?

More disturbingly, is this one whackjob all it takes to throw PV law enforcement off its game? A bizarre resident wielding a camera phone? What happened to those staples of law enforcement known as mace, handcuffs, radio, and baton?

The answer is simple: There are two penal codes in PV Estates. One for white, rich, spoiled, angry residents, and one for everyone else.



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12 thoughts on “Hired Guns: Part 8”

    1. Indeed, it appears they did. On first pass, I thought it was like the Twitter Egg or something…

    1. Yes, it is–reminiscent of the times that Trump phoned in pretending to be a third person to talk about himself. Anonymity is fine in some cases, but cowardly and lame in others.

      1. “PVEPD Biased to Cover “Cyclists’ Backs,” Issuing Few Biker Citations Despite Rampant CVC Violations while Pursing False Claims Against PVE Motorists:  see Jeff Kepley section below, and also click here.  In one example, a Malaga Cove area resident was accused falsely of attempted vehicular manslaughter as retribution by a Big Orange cyclist to whom the PVE resident expressed discontent over illegal cycling; the PVEPD aggressively pursued the PVE resident despite a) no evidence to support the false claim and b) much evidence of Big Orange making numerous, similar false claims against other PVE residents.  Jeff Kepley has proven, though the cyclists’ own written statements and Kepley’s own actions/in-actions, to be a supporter of illegal cyclists abusing PVE’s roads and other resources.”

        You got it wrong again Wanky, PVEPD is on our side!

        1. You should note where this section is quoted from.

          The massive ticket-writing campaign they’ve engaged in against cyclists refutes the idea that they are supporting cyclist rights. What PVEPD is, is caught between a rock and a hard place.

          On the one hand they do what they council tells them, and in many individual cases such as those linked to incident reports, they do what residents tell them.

          On the other hand, they’re obligated to fairly enforce the law. One example of that would be–writing tickets for cyclists, and writing tickets for motorists who violate the 3-foot rule. Or writing the same number of tickets for residents as non-residents.

          Anyway, the source you’re quoting from has a completely different perspective. The author has a dog complex …

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