Hired Guns: Part 9

April 17, 2017 § 18 Comments

Part 9: Who is Robert Lewis Chapman, Jr.?

Last year when the bicycle protests in PV Estates got underway, a guy told me to “look out for Robert Chapman.”

“Who’s that?” I asked.

“He’s this anonymous Internet troll guy who lives in PV and is a complete ass.”

I didn’t pay much attention, since “anonymous Internet troll” always equates with “coward” and since I had other concerns than playing Billy Goat Gruff. Before long, though, this link on the Internet came up, and it won’t take you more than a few sentences to suspect what I did: The anonymous troll author of this web site is seriously deranged. I’m no fan of the PV Estates cops, the council, or the city manager, but these vile attacks on wives, ex-wives, and children are sick, and they’re the product of a sick mind.

Is the author of this junk Robert Chapman? I don’t know for sure, but the bizarre language of the web site is eerily reminiscent of the bizarre behavior in the following police reports, all of which were returned as part of a public records request for “Emails or any other documents in paper or electronic format pertaining to the following matters: Activities or complaints regarding or connected with Robert Chapman.”

Remember all those police reports where an anxious bedwetter in PV Estates consumed countless hours of police time to investigate dogs? Tip of the iceberg …

Hundreds and hundreds of pages were returned as a result of my public records request; some of the documentation is truly bizarre, and I’ll be publishing all of it shortly. I hope you like stories about bald, droopy, middle-aged men prancing around in hot tubs.

But my interest in Chapman is actually specific to cycling. Why is the author of the PVE PD hate web site, whether or not it is in fact Robert Chapman, so torqued about the police department?

I’m torqued about the police because they unfairly target cyclists and harass outsiders. But the hate web site’s author lists a slew of reasons that even a cursory inspection reveals as subterfuge. After a bit of reading, a bit of googling, and a whole bunch of time spent reviewing crazy-talk public and court records, I may have unearthed the reason for the author’s venom, and perhaps his hidden-in-plain-sight identity as well.

This matters to cyclists because the same web site that is going after the organization and the individuals who make up the PV Estates police department is the same person who’s going after cyclists. Perhaps a little sunlight will go a long way to disinfecting his rotten attitude and chickenboy attacks. If not, at least people will be able to pin a face and a name on the donkey who is too cowardly to sign his own name.

But first, a continuation of the police reports and the truly dyspeptic personalities involved. If you’re a cyclist, you should ask yourself again: Can a police department that responds to people and complaints like this ever be expected to treat cyclists fairly, when it’s these very bedwetters demanding that the police “enforce” the laws against cyclists?
























































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§ 18 Responses to Hired Guns: Part 9

  • GoodGrief says:

    This is how a vocal minority of Lunada Bay Boys target local leaders when these leaders disgree with Localism. Long time residents know Chapman partners with Bay Boy leadership (such as the guy who calls himself “Frank Ponce” who enjoys sending out links to this website to Lunada Bay residents via NextDoor private groups) to keep non-residents out of Palos Verdes.

    Cyclists: this means you, the legal users of public roads. Surfers: this means you, the legal users of public waves.

    Most residents have no idea the depths of the hate that exists within the narrow leadership of the Bay Boys. Residents don’t want to think the swastikas and the Bay Boys and the racist CC&Rs and the Luanda Liquor store beatings and the daily assaults on cyclists are connected. Because it is easier to think this. Because it is 2017.

    And that’s where they are wrong. It is about keeping you out of thier city. And most of the residents have been played like patsies by these guys.

    • fsethd says:

      It certainly explains the council’s 180-degree about face on approving BMUFL signs and then revoking approval, all in the blink of an eye.

    • channel_zero says:

      It is about keeping you out of thier city. And most of the residents have been played like patsies by these guys.

      I don’t think played is the right word.

      Given my low, low bar for people and their behaviour behind closed doors, they like the results.

      • fsethd says:

        You’re right, but there is a continuum from “keep everybody out” to “keep most people out.” A narrow bandwidth, to be sure, but the city has many cyclist residents.

        And you’re right, no one has been played. The city was founded in 1923 to restrict residence to whites.

        The author of the hate web site, like the KKK, wears a digital hood because he knows how despicable his opinions are.

  • Palo Alto Cyclist says:

    Sure does sound like this guy lives in a neighborhood full of assholes who are breaking the law. He is lucky to have such a responsive police department to show up and put an end to it all. We have some bad neighbors here in Atherton and I wish the APD would help us the way your police are helping him.

    • fsethd says:

      Really? The police reports are nothing more than city code violations, and a huge number of the violations the PD find nothing.

      The neighborhood isn’t the problem, it’s the crank who has nothing better to do than spy on neighbors and pester the police.

      Most parts of LA, if you call up to complain about a barking dog you’ll get laughed at. And this is really the problem: These small town PDs act as personal security forces for a handful of cranks. When those cranks decided you’re a problem because you’re black or because you ride a bike, guess who feels the heat?

      It’s also interesting that the same people who so favor limited government are the first ones to dial 911 and demand that the police come out and “measure” the noise of a neighbor’s leaf blower.

      The nanny state isn’t for the poor. It’s for those who have the money to hire nannies.

      • Serge Issakov says:

        Yep the intention of creating the nanny state is to help the poor and needy. But the rich and powerful have the power to leverage it for their own benefit. Everyone but them is better off without a nanny state, contrary as that may seem.

        • fsethd says:

          Yes, and the fake “Palo Alto Cyclist” above posing as someone who appreciates the responsive police is so transparent. More about that in tomorrow’s installment, i.e. the use of fake names to create the appearance that these character assassinations against Dahlerbruch, Kepley, individual officers, and their families is more than simply the ravings of one very unstable and evil mind.

      • Austin Powers says:

        And he has Dr. Evil’s same haircut. “One billion dollars!!!!!”

      • Christopher Childs says:

        I think you got trolled. Google “Atherton police blotter.”

        TL;DR It’s about the same as PVE’s.

      • GoodGrief says:

        “And this is really the problem: These small town PDs act as personal security forces for a handful of cranks. When those cranks decided you’re a problem because you’re black or because you ride a bike, guess who feels the heat?” Why PVEPD should be replaced in three sentences. Tipping cap, Counselor. #bingo

        YTD PVEPD moving citations +258%

        Simultaneously, real crime continues unabated without being reported by the Daily Breeze (gave them a heads up this morning, LOL)


        • fsethd says:

          The oddest thing of all is that the bedwetters are going to be really disappointed when they try to yank the LASD’s chains the way they abuse the PVEPD employees.

          More about that later.

  • Barry says:

    It starts with Lobster talk, and it’s all downhill from there.

  • Sibex Czar says:

    based on the report content it could be the boarder_control_mystery as well. equally mysterious.

  • Waldo says:

    Wow, the guy has issues. Well, maybe just an issue.

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