Somewhat genteel request

April 19, 2017 § 31 Comments

If you subscribe to this blog, or are one of those people who periodically sends me a check, or who PayPals me a few bucks from time to time, or who jams cash into my sweaty palm after a bike race, thank you.

If you regularly read this blog, thank you.

If you regularly read and don’t subscribe, please consider doing so. You can click on the PayPal link in the upper right-hand corner, or mail me a check, or of course jam cash into my sweaty palm after a bike race. Or before, for that matter. I’d probably even take it during. Credit cards are fine too, but definitely not during the race.

One of the things that motivates me is knowing that there are people who think that what I write, even though they could read it for free, is worth paying for. That’s pretty high praise.

Subscribers are also the reason I don’t hawk space to advertisers. I’d rather be dependent on the collective judgment of a whole bunch of cyclists spread all over the world in small dollar increments than have to worry about the influence of one or two heavies when it’s time to talk about controversial subjects, advocate for safer streets, demand fairness from the cops, publicize protests, call out doping cheats, investigate the douchebaggery of various and sundry kooks, or blame my friends for not letting me win at Telo.

So there’s the hardest thing out of the way about asking for money, which is asking for money.



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