Fake race report

Telo is pretty much a fake race, but it’s so gnarly, and such a good lab for learning how badly you suck that it deserves its own fake race report.

A really good race report needs to be simple. This one sure is: “Josh Alverson countered on Lap Two and soloed for the last 40 minutes.”

In between the start and the finish there were some teachable moments. One of them was that people don’t like wind very much. It was howling. It was so awful that only about fifteen people showed up.

So, top twenty!!!!

I think racing in the wind makes you better. You either get stronger by fighting the wind, or you get smarter by hiding from it and metering your efforts, or you improve your echelon/paceline skills. Sometimes all of these happen.

Josh had two breakmates at different times, but he rode them both off his wheel. I ended up in the first chase group with Aaron, Eric, and Dan Cobley. Dan was the strongest guy by far and he got us within twelve seconds before Josh nailed the coffin lid shut and pulled away.

Aaron rode the smartest, because he is the smartest. With a teammate up the road he rotated through and immediately swung over. If the three of us could bring back his teammate Josh, fine with him; he’d wax us in the finish. Which he did.

With five laps to go it became clear that we weren’t catching Josh. Dan and I are teammates but we didn’t ride that way. Eric and Aaron are both very fast so our only hope would have been to start attacking them and hope to get away. Instead we kept hammering at a pretty steady pace.

Funny how guys can be too tired to pull hard but when you round that final corner they catch a second wind. Good bike racing is always strategic. I love racing with guys who can think and race simultaneously. It’s very hard to do and I wish I could.

I got fourth for the second time in two weeks. Forever Fourth, or something like that.

David Wells and Emily did the best recap of all, which describes every Telo I’ve ever done, and none more so than this past Tuesday. I now share with you below:



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5 thoughts on “Fake race report”

  1. Was the wind natural or kimchi derived? it’s important to know as it adds an entirely different dimension to the narrative.

  2. Wanky: Harking back to your post on Tilford and “Risk”. Good stuff. The transcendent ones, like Yeager, Senna and Tilford, respect it,embrace it and feed off it. The harder the better so to speak…

    Cycling at all levels these days definitely has its risks. Between the sprints and scary descending speeds of the pros, and the risk for us hacks just being on the roads, it can happen to any of us. The news about Chad Young today was another gut punch. Seemed like a great kid with so much in front of him. Thoughts and prayers to his family.

  3. This comment from Heavy D.:

    Good stuff. I remember it like that…….I certainly didn’t earn / deserve any honorable mentions for trying to help drag Josh back in the break away with you guys. I was only with you guys until 6:36. How do I know that? Because I was ready to quit at 6:01. Then I said, “ok, I’m gonna hang in there until 6:15”. At 6:20 I was hoping for a flat. 6:30 I actually contemplated crashing into a parked car to pull myself from the race. That what would seem to be a good excuse. But someone (not identifying said someone) already hit a parked car earlier in the week, so I didn’t want to steal that person’s (not naming him) Thunder. And at 6:35 I was all back together mentally and ready to prepare for a field sprint finish……….suddenly when I looked up (6:35.49) you guys were gone.

    My excuse was everyone else was just faster, Better, more determined, better, smoother, stronger, smarter, better and even better looking than me Tuesday. But your right (in your blog) it’s always a great learning experience.

    Next week! 👊

    Get on that podium!! I’ll save the 2nd or 3rd step for you.

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