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  1. Virginia Eubanks

    Funny. Loved the writing. Better way to start the day than by reading Huffpost.

    1. Telo is to NPR as the Indy 500 is to geriatric yoga.

      We’ve had one fall this year in eight races. No one was hurt much.

      Telo shatters and most people either quit or finish in small, dispirited groups. Unlike NPR there are no recovery stoplights. Also the wind is always howling. Also there is a lot of guttering. Also there isn’t ever a bunch sprunt, just ones and twos. Also there aren’t any preeners. They all get shelled immediately. Also if you keep doing it your fitness will increase dramatically, or you will quit in despair.

      So, please come join us! It’s friendly and there’s not much yelling and screaming. Plus, you’re 300 yards as the crow flies from the Torrance Memorial ER.

    2. Gary,

      Telo is like the bad girl you can’t quit. Exasperating, draining, challenging in the worst co-dependent way, thrilling in the way many cyclists seem to enjoy suffering, all at once. The fact it’s a board-flat loop makes it seem so nice and simple. So, it’s got that going for it.

      Don’t say you weren’t warned.

      Wanky, are you back on the Strava/drainingpeaks program of riding all the time?

  2. I watched the heroic video and noticed that some races rode left to right, while others went right to left. Telo is one hell of an exciting race.

  3. Hey Mr. Consistency at least you’re on the wide angle podium.

    But perhaps you start taxing these foreigners from the free world, say have them give you a 20% headstart.

    1. I like that. A lot. And require them to let me analyze their power data and social media posting prior to (race) entry.

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