Upgrade points plus DON’T GET KILLED!

June 5, 2017 § 18 Comments

SCNCA president Sean Wilson and CyclingSavvy guru Gary Cziko went to great lengths and expense over the last year to design a class for the SCNCA junior training camp, which was successfully run in January, 2017. They are now are offering a USAC-sanctioned traffic safety class this coming June 11.

One of the bonuses for this class, aside from helping keep you out of the meat wagon, is that, thanks to Sean and SCNCA board member David Huntsman, the class has been approved for USAC upgrade points. There are a lot of needs out there in the SCNCA catchment, but few opportunities to change things at the USAC level. The concept of using actual classes and education to keep junior riders from getting killed is a top priority and the SCNCA board has supported it wholeheartedly.

The class offers two upgrade points for 5-4 upgrades, 1 upgrade point for 4-3 upgrades and 1/2 a point for 3-2 upgrades. All of this for learning how to not get killed riding the edge of a narrow lane. Few efforts by the SCNCA are as deserving of praise and participation as this one.

Of course, many bike racers don’t yet see the value in CyclingSavvy-type instruction. What’s more astounding, actual “coaches” and “mentors” who are responsible for the lives of their charges somehow think that their “common sense” and “life experiences” and “racing with team Bumblefuck sponsored by Bill’s Sewage Treatment back in the 80s” is a legitimate substitute for skills, coursework, and understanding the law.

The location for the clinic is awesome: Redlands, a town with a rich history in SoCal cycling, and a place where riders don’t have to fight with the snarl of LA/OC/San Diego traffic. The cost is also incredibly low considering the benefit of the classes, the professionalism of the coursework, and the effectiveness of instruction: $50 for juniors and U23, $75 for elite and older riders.

If you’re involved with junior cycling in SoCal, if you ride a bike, or if you ever intend to ride one, this is a great time to give your riders and yourself the chance to survive and thrive on the bike for the rest of your life, not just while doing circles in a parking lot. And a “few short training sessions with CHP” will not — trust me– cut it.

The course will also include an on-road component so that participants get to practice what they’ve learned. As a longtime CyclingSavvy participant and class participant, I can assure you that this course can keep you alive. Participants will practice using parts of the Tour of Redlands, where cyclists learn to navigate some of the most intimidating spots in town safely and comfortably.

Now is the time to slow down, take a deep breath, and do some “non-race” learning that will help you ride better, race better, and most importantly, live longer. A lot longer.

Location: Bikecoach.com Fitness Studio, 700 Redlands Blvd., Suite M, Redlands CA 92373 More Information: http://www.gsandiamo.com
Contact: Sean Wilson; sean@gsandiamo.com



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§ 18 Responses to Upgrade points plus DON’T GET KILLED!

  • dangerstu says:

    This is fantastic, can anyone who rides partake?

  • dpcowboy54 says:

    Good post, Mr. S.
    One question…..how did you know about team Bumble…..?…being from Texas and all?

  • Kathie says:

    This is a great class! I took Cycling Savvy a year or two ago when Big Orange offered it in ElmSegundo. Changed my way of thinking about taking a lane and has made me safer. Highly recommend it and I thank you again for hosting it.

  • Mighk Wilson says:

    Thank you again Seth for jump-starting interest in CyclingSavvy for SoCal racers and clubs! It all started with you and Gary. Momentum is building.

    Mighk Wilson
    Executive Director
    American Bicycling Education Association

  • Serge Issakov says:

    Wow! USAC/SCNCA is learning that “take the fuggin’ lane” is legit.

  • Gary Cziko says:

    Thanks, Seth, for your continued support and endorsement of CyclingSavvy.

    Here’s another endorsement I want to share that should resonate with racers:

    “I was fortunate enough to be a professional cyclist for 15 years, including 11 world championships and 2 Olympics. During that time I received much advice and coaching, yet never did it focus on how to minimize my risk when riding on the open road. When I attended a CyclingSavvy class I learned numerous defensive cycling techniques and believe they are something that all cyclists need to learn in order to be safe and confident while cycling in traffic.”

    – Shaun Wallace, Encinitas, CA

    • fsethd says:

      Yes. And hopefully it will resonate equally with everyone. Except the 40+ profamateur masters racers because they already know everything there is to know about cycling and safety and stuff. Just check FB.

  • flehnerz.uwyo says:

    I learned about Cycling Savvy from this blog, so thank you Seth! And thank you C.S. crew and Gary for your incredible teaching skills! I’ve only taken the online coursework so far but I really look forward to taking a course in person.

  • Jorgensen says:

    There should be a class for Racers to be peloton safe racers too.
    Way back the club that David’s Dad rode for fortunately had a coach for about 10 weeks who had European racing experience, covered a lot, made us all better, smarter, safer racers.

    In the few races I have seen in the recent past, there is much more strength that smarts out there. A dangerous combo.

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