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42 thoughts on “#sorrynotsorry”

  1. Team Surf City Cyclery/Sterling BMW deleted their facebook page, so I guess it went to mockery and shaming.

  2. I like his sad sack, go-to excuses: racing since 13, hide behind family because he’s a coward and cheat and did nothing wrong… same old tired crap. Same, tired, unrepentant doper. He’s just pathetic. https://www.instagram.com/p/rrnGX-QUyY/
    SSC has the same attitude. Discount Armstrong doping and discount Brunyel enabling that shit for nothing but scraps and bragging rights from a diminishing sport that they help destroy with no shame.

    I hope he gets a lifetime ban. I wish SSC could be punished but I only can blame the sponsors for supporting that scum in racing and stealing from other racers.

  3. Funny how he doesn’t name the supplement. Also great timing how it was the night before

  4. No respect for these guys! 2nd offense as a master can’t get anymore pathetic.

  5. Meh. Nobody cares what happens in a USUC amateur micro-fringe hobby sport. #fakenews #moveon

  6. I was caught masturbating once in high school….but guess what? There were a TON of times I did and didn’t get caught.

    1. Haha! Good analogy! PEDs in the Masters peloton might be as common as masturbation in high school

      1. I never masturbated in high school. At home, in hotels, campers — yes. Never in high school, though…

    2. I’m sure he only took said supplement once, and positive it did not have any performance enhancing qualities so even if he did take it before, it didn’t make a difference.
      And I’m positively positive he is sorry.
      Seems pretty fucking chipper considering he just got caught wanking in a public place an gave his former team a big black eye as a parting moneyshot. Sorry guys! Good luck finding sponsors! Have a super weekend!!!!

      1. He could have beaten the whole field with one leg tied behind his back. He didn’t need the drug. It was an accident. It was for personal use. Who would be so stupid to dope up before a big race? He’s only tested positive once before. Have a nice life and thanks for all the primes.

      1. Well his photo is right next to his name, so its pretty clear. Yes, he is obviously a girl.

  7. To think of all that energy and money spent on a super serious masters team (and former doper) that could have been better spent on a junior or women’s team. Ya know, the people who could actually attract more people to sport.

  8. Wonder if those who benefitted from his lead outs will give their winnings back….to a charity or something….?

    1. There’s a great picture of him flashing $200 in Law Office of Seth Davidson primes. #winning

    1. This is the second time they’ve taken the page down due to overwhelming anger. Probably not what the bike shop and Mike Sinyard had in mind when they thought of “capturing the attention of the SoCal cycling market.”

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