More important than masters racing

June 16, 2017 § 41 Comments

I got this email from a friend:

“My nephew started having a lot of problems three years ago. He has a tremendous amount of energy and anxiety, is continually in motion and was expressing extreme frustration with no outlet.

“He tried soccer, swimming, horseback riding, skiing, dance, but nothing seemed to be able to channel or exhaust his boundless energy. Last year I gave him a mountain bike that my son could no longer ride. My brother-in-law took him out on the MTB; he liked it but he didn’t like all the climbing. So they took to riding the safe streets in his suburb where the kids all stayed indoors, or sometimes you’d see kids riding around on electric scooters or Razors.

“My nephew was so nervous at first but my brother-in-law kept it up every Saturday, and then bought him a new bike for his birthday, a bike with a bell and a boom box, and the kid fell in love with it. Pretty soon all the kids on his block were dusting off their bikes and following my nephew, who is nine. These were kids of all ages, 7,19,11, even 15!

“More incredibly, his teacher even lets him sit on the bike in class to read, because she recognized that on the bike he could focus so much better. He now has a way to keep his brain engaged at top speed with fewer outbursts, no frustration, and no more pent-up anger.

“His parents finally have a tired kid who sleeps the whole night through; before he was up two or three times a night. He looks and feels awesome. My brother-in-law now takes him to local garage sales, where they buy bikes and fix them up; some cheap as five bucks.

“Any time you visit their house, even if you’re an adult, my nephew will throw you on one of his bikes and take you out to show you how strong he is. His life has been changed forever. With a bike.”



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