Out of town: Wake in strange bed shower shave brush teeth put on bibs armwarmers jersey socks put credit card and cash in ziplock strap on wristwatch fill water bottles with WATER grab two of Yasuko’s granola bars attach front light rear light jersey light air up tars affix helmet shoes gloves put in glasses stick phone in pocket pedal over to Sckubrats coffee oatmeal and ride.

18 thoughts on “Pre-ride”

      1. I got sucked into the north county vortex of brain smashing. I thought I was old, slow and mature enough to resist but I guess not

      2. Actually I had a good time in that “special” Cyclist way, pain, delusion, pain you know the score

        1. My favorite was Michael’s speech about the group staying together, then he attacked and rode away. What a wanker!

  1. No driver license in case a peace officer considers you a menace to society?

    1. You were the best rider out there! Happiest, undaunted, and left everything on the road, including yourself!

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