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§ 10 Responses to #winners

  • dangerstu says:


  • senna65 says:

    Classic. Although I will say I can’t really fault LA for the doping, just the way he tried to destroy anyone who called him on his bullshit. I’m sure it was frustrating for LA when he was flat out in his 53X11 and Indurain came by him at 60KM/hour on a flat in that infamous TDF TT. The KL’s of the world are the one’s I don’t understand on any level. That said, I don’t know if there is such a thing as a Professional Profamateur, but I saw a couple of dudes today that took it to another level. I always assumed motor pacing was reserved for the pros to try and replicate the type of speeds that occur when the peleton really winds it up, but today I’ll be damned if I didn’t see two guys I know are Cat 4’s (3’s at best) motor pacing a van on highway with traffic and all.

  • RGT says:

    I see that there are at least 2.25 million idiots in the world.

  • paa says:

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