Idiot gets ticket punched

August 2, 2017 § 26 Comments

Almost two months ago I wrote about James Doyle, local buffoon, jerk, kook, pinhead, fool, tool, dunderhead, tosser, wanker, clod, goof, whackjob, lameass, numbskull, numbnuts, jackass, and all-round horrible person, and I wrote about him here.

James knocked down John Walsh in a bike race. John got badly hurt. A video camera captured James’s maneuver. A hue-and-cry ensued. And yesterday USAC suspended Doyle for one year and put him on the Bad Boy List. This basically means that if he pulls this crap again he can have his license revoked, even if it happens in a non-competitive venue.

Since I know the victim personally it feels really good to learn that the aggressor got punished. A lot of people think the punishment wasn’t nearly stiff enough, and they’re right. I was suspended for a year back in 1986 for simply cursing out the officials and writing mean letters to the USCF protesting my punishment. If you could get a year’s suspension for causing butthurt, you should be able to get a lifetime ban for almost killing someone.

Still, it’s progress after a fashion. Who can forget the way that USAC has historically ignored this type of attack? In 2011, Rahsaan Bahati was deliberately crashed out at the Dana Point Grand Prix. The video is breathtaking. After being knocked down, Bahati, the victim, was fined and suspended for throwing his glasses at the pack in anger. Rest assured that USAC didn’t take two months to render its decision.

The rider who crashed Bahati out received no penalty at all, even though the whole thing was on video and is one of the most brazen examples of evil and malicious bike riding I had ever seen prior to the Doyle takedown. Check the video here if you don’t believe me. Seconds 39-42 are unbelievable, but not as unbelievable as the fact that the rider who got punished was Bahati.


In any event, it’s encouraging to see that USAC is finally willing to take some responsibility for policing the hostile and dangerous riders in its ranks; what’s discouraging is that there is hardly anyone left anymore in the ranks. The Doyle-Walsh takedown sent a loud message to racers, and a screamingly loud message to their significant others: It’s not worth it. Doyle may have a year off the bike, but Walsh has injuries that will take a very long time to heal.

Those grand fondues and fun rides keep looking better. And better. And better.



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§ 26 Responses to Idiot gets ticket punched

  • dangerstu says:

    You forgot fucktard.

    Some good news, if a little late.

  • East Coast baby seal says:

    Another tick mark in the plus column for MTB racing (if you like to race). Trees don’t crash you out, and rider Vs rider contact is rare.

  • Emily says:


  • Michelle landes says:

    Not nearly enough time but at least they punished him! He is banned in everyone’s mind for life from any ride… I’ve heard of that Bahati takedown for years so amazing his composure in interview the things he has endured so brave !! This is why I will support him always in his ventures the man has golden knowledge✨✨✨

  • fpatrickd says:

    I’m cool with it. If anything, it was (at least) such a reckless move that one needs to be held responsible for what happened as a result. And yeah, I’m with you on things just not being worth it. Just the finances alone these days. Paying fifty bucks to do 30 minutes plus three laps? It’s not worth the mileage and time invested. On to the Fondues.

  • LesB says:

    Sh**, a black man racing. Almost as bad as a black man as POTUS.

  • Dave King says:

    I wonder if he will show up to fondos, MTB races and adventure races that are not USAC sanctioned. It would be great if they honored his suspension, too.

  • Eric R says:

    I was right there when Bahati got taken out. Saturday I’ll be doing a Grand Fondo –

  • dangerstu says:

    I guess my first comment got stuck in a filter for a potty mouth comment

  • paa says:

    Thanks for the update. Nice to hear there was at least a symbolic punishment. I don’t believe one year is nearly enough, not even close. But, i’m glad there was video and some accountability.

    You are correct about the “it’s not worth it” mantra: OG’s enjoying a few hours of capturing imaginary glory shouldn’t result in near death or taking the ability to support one’s family.
    Sport is dangerous, but there are levels of assault here that is shocking.

    Bahati was totally railroaded. I remember seeing that crash and was disgusted. Absolutely disgusted with UHC and the USCF for not doing anything. I hope the race organizers saw what it really was.

    • fsethd says:

      Yes. The risk and reward are way out of whack. And USAC’s slap on the wrist for Doyle reinforces the fact that even in egregious circumstances like this one, enforcement is dilatory and minimal.

      Okay, exit another couple thousand riders for the fondues. Trinkets > ICU.

      • fpatrickd says:

        If they gave out 1-year suspensions for every similar incident, then Mark Whitehead would have been kicked out of the sport forever. He was that aggressive, and always on-purpose when he took someone down. And he did it a lot. My point being, times do change. It takes a while to notice.

    • channel_zero says:

      Absolutely disgusted with UHC

      Money talks. Loudly.

  • Terry Johnes says:

    I’m hoping that we police ourselves better than USAC does. The true test will come in a year if and when James Doyle decides to roll to the start line.

  • Phil says:

    Anybody ever figure out who that was who took Bahati out? That was a douchebag move if I ever saw one.

  • Phil says:

    And good to see that Doyle was held somewhat accountable, even if it wasn’t enough.

  • Redacted says:

    How is Walshy doing?

  • worthy10 says:

    I agree that Bahati got totally jobbed on that deal in 2011. However, the Fed’s Doyle Decision restores my faith more than a bit. This is precedent setting. I acknowledge Sarah Walsh, social media, your blog, your reader’s and the entire cycling community. All were part of the collective in getting this officially dealt with. I know that behind the scenes, the race promoter, Kris and Jeff Racing communicated with Colorado Springs on a near-daily basis (anyone who thinks they were derelict in the due process is high on own’s exhaust). I also know race officials noted the solidarity displayed by the cycling community and factored that in. Red meat or vegan, we all eat at the same table. Well Served Yall!

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