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August 23, 2017 § 16 Comments

It’s kind of incredible that the South Bay Cycling Awards, which began at Naja’s dive bar in Redondo Beach, has staggered into its fifth year. Much has changed. Well, actually, hardly anything has. We’re still a bunch of misfits on children’s toys pretending that time doesn’t apply to us.

Each year this failure of a ceremony has been sabotaged by the incompetence of the Wanky Steering Committee, a ship whose rudder was badly broken long before she ever left port. Derek Brauch, Dan Martin, and Marc Spivey have served as a font of bad ideas, poor execution, and questionable judgment from the moment that Spivey came up with this misbegotten event and spray painted “Wanky Awards” on an old bed sheet, an item we’re not even sure he washed before hanging up in Naja’s.

I dredged up the list of past award winners and am posting here. For some it will bring back fond memories. For others, shame. For yet others, there will only be a blank spot and perhaps a receipt from a local bail bondsman. Enjoy.

Inaugural Year, Naja’s Place dive bar, 2013

2013 Advocate of the Year: Jim Hannon
2013 Comeback of the Year: Greg Leibert
2013 Club of the Year: Big Orange
2013 Sponsor of the Year: SPY Optic
2013 Champion of the NPR: Eric Anderson
2013 Champion of the Donut: Not awarded due to non-appearance of nominee wankers.
2013 Telo Champion: Aaron Wimberley
2013 Freddy Freeloader: Mark Hunkirchen
2013 Wanker of the Year: Brad House
2013 South Bay Hardman: Dan Cobley
2013 South Bay Hardwoman: Suzanne Sonye
2013 KOM: Not awarded, again, due to more nonappearance of pretty much the same wankers.
2013 QOM: Kristabel Doebel-Hickock
2013 Strava Champion: Lane Reid
2013 Crashtacular Fred: John Walsh
2013 Junior of the Year: Diego Binatena
2013 Ride Animator: Josh Alverson
2013 Spouse or S/O of the Year: Yasuko Davidson
2013 South Bay Rider of the Year: Julie Cutts
2013 Good Samaritan: Michael Norris

2nd Annual South Bay Cycling Awards, On the Rocks, now out of business thanks to us, 2014

2014 Best Advocate: Eric Bruins
2014 Best Bike Shop: Peyton Cooke
2014 Best Young Rider: Diego Binatena
2014 Person Most Transformed by Cycling: Jonathan Paris
2014 Most Improved: Peta Takai
2014 Best Cycling Club: Wonton Heavy Industries, LLC
2014 Best Rider in Multiple Disciplines: Marilyne Deckman
2014 Wanker of the Year: Stathis Sakellariadis
2014 Best Promoter: SPY Optic
2014 NPR Champ: Eric Anderson
2014 Donut Champ: Derek Brauch
2014 Best Male Racer: Charon Smith
2014 Best Female Racer: Kristabel Doebel‐Hickock
2014 Best All‐Around Rider: Robert Efthimos
2014 Crashtacular Fred Award: Not awarded because some chick with a broken arm ran up and
snatched it. “I’m the crashtactular Fred!” she said, so we gave it to her.
2014 Most of Life Wasted on Strava: Lane Reid
2014 HTFU Award: Phil Tinstman
2014 Larger than Life Award: David Perez
2014 Best Spouse/SO: Sherri Foxworthy
2014 Ian Davidson South Bay Rider of the Year: Kevin Phillips

3rd Annual South Bay Cycling Awards, Strand Brewing Co., 2015
October 17, 2015
Guest of Honor: Steve Tilford
2015 South Bay Cycling Hall of Fame Inductees: Nelson Vails, Ted Ernst, Marilyn Sonye, Tony Cruz

2015 Greatest Advocate: Jim Hannon
2015 Best Bike Shop: Helen’s
2015 Best Young Rider: Jules Gilliam, Summer Phillips, Makayla MacPherson
2015 Best Old Rider: Tim Gillibrand
2015 Most Improved: Dan Kroboth
2015 Best Club: Big Orange
2015 Best Event: Manhattan Beach Grand Prix
2015 Wanker of the Year: Seth Davidson
2015 Belgian Award: Gavin Hoover
2015 Group Ride Champion: Cameron Khoury
2015 Best Sponsor: GQ6
2015 Best Male Racer: Cory Williams
2015 Best Female Racer: Emily Georgeson
2015 GC Award: Robert Efthimos
2015 Crashtacular Fred: Kristabel Doebel-Hickock
2015 Strava KOM: Brian Perkins
2015 Most Happy to Help Others: Craig Leeuwenburgh, Bob Spalding
2015 Most Fun: Peta Takai
2015 Best Spouse/SO: Jim & Nancy Jaeger
2015 Ian Davidson South Bay Rider of the Year: Rahsaan Bahati

4th Annual South Bay Cycling Awards, Strand Brewing Co., 2016
October 22, 2016
2016 South Bay Cycling Hall of Fame Inductees: John Walsh, Thurlow Rogers

2016 Greatest Advocate: Sarah Barraclough
2016 Best Bike Shop: Performance Bicycle
2016 Best Young Rider: Ivy Koester
2016 Best Old Rider: George Pommel
2016 Most Improved: David Holland
2016 Best Club: Long Beach Freddies
2016 Best Event: Dana Point Grand Prix
2016 Wanker of the Year: Denis Faye
2016 Belgian Award: James Cowan
2016 Group Ride Champion: Elijah Shabazz
2016 Best Sponsor: Beachbody
2016 Best Male Racer: Justin Williams
2016 Best Female Racer: Katie Donovan
2016 GC Award: Joe Yule
2016 Crashtacular Fred: Marvin Campbell
2016 Strava KOM: Chris Tregillis
2016 Most Happy to Help others: Chris Gregory
2016 Most Fun: Sochin Lee
2016 Best Spouse/SO: Jeanette Seyranian
2016 Ian Davidson South Bay Rider of the Year: Tony Manzella

For 2017 we’re renting a dance floor and a DJ, and the last two hours will be dedicated to dancing, which for most cyclists means standing stiffly, awkwardly clapping their hands, and swaying a bit like a telephone pole in a gale. As in past years, drinks and food are free until they’re not, i.e. get there early. Below are some photos to remind you of what you’re missing as you come up with great excuses not to attend.



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