You’re fired

My friend and former boss Barbara Radnofsky wrote a book about impeachment. It is called “A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment.” It explains impeachment.


Her book is crazy short. Eighty-eight pages short. I don’t know if it was intentional, but 1788 was the year that the U.S. Constitution was ratified.

This book isn’t partisan any more than an elementary physics textbook is partisan, i.e. here is how shit works. The only beef I have with the book is the title. It should be called “How to Fire the President, Judges, and Assorted Fuck-ups.”

Barbara’s book is beautifully written. It is timely. It is informative. It is written by someone with overwhelming faith in our democracy at a time when faith like that is hard to come by. It only has a couple of typos and one subject-verb disagreement.

Barbara’s book is important because we need to fire the president. Most people don’t understand how to fire the sonofabitch, including the saps in charge of firing him, i.e. Congress. What confuses people most are the reasons for which a president can be fired.

You won’t be confused after reading “A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment,” because Barbara goes over every single impeachment case, all nineteen of them, that has happened since 1788. Each has a lesson. Each shows how the system has evolved. Each shows how the system works. Each shows how Madison/Hamilton/Jay/Mason/Morris et al. were so fucking smart. Each historical example shows why, without naming him, Trump should be fired, shitcanned, tossed out on his ass, shown the door, terminated, relieved of duty, discharged, dismissed, booted, given the axe, and sent packing.

I am not an especially fast reader and I blew through “A Citizen’s Guide to Impeachment” in two short sittings. It’s fine and flowing writing, unheard of for anything since the history of time that had the word “impeachment” in it. If you have two hours to spend on Facebag this week, you have two hours to save our democracy.

Barbara will be in Manhattan Beach on October 13 for a book signing at {pages}: a bookstore. I’m springing for delicious snacks and beer from Strand Brewing. You’ll learn how to fire incompetent officials, but you’ll also learn that Barbara is a lovely person, a fine speaker, and a real smarty-pants. There will be a Q&A afterwards and a big dose of fun.



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PS: Don’t forget the Wanky’s. As if you could. And I may have forgotten to mention that there is free food and beer for the first 300 guests, so get there early.south_bay_cycling_awards_poster_2017_final

19 thoughts on “You’re fired”

  1. East Coast baby seal

    Read the first page on Amazon, bought it on iBooks. I’d say it will make for good bedtime reading, but I’m afraid it’ll keep me up at night.

    1. You’ll sleep way sound knowing that we have a great system in place to fire incompetent apprentices.

      1. East Coast baby seal

        Read the first chapter last night. Now it’s brutally obvious (as if it weren’t already) that impeachment is an excellent tool, but we have no craftsmen in Congress to wield it.

        Is it still a nightmare if you’re not asleep?

  2. Just remember, firing the boss does not mean you get to choose his successor. Next in line steps in, no choise, like it or not. Make sure you know what your asking for.

    1. Good point, but if tRump gets the axe, Pence might be inclined to be very careful about what he does.

      1. This book is about firing presidents, vice-presidents, judges, and cabinet members. Each case is different. No officer has ever had impeachment stayed because his replacement might be worse.

  3. I don’t know Wanky….

    We agree on the general point Trump is wholly unsuited for the job and deserves firing. Pence seems much worse as reflected by his words and actions.

    No good answers. Book is ordered.

  4. See, that’s the problem with guvment: a whole book on how to shitcan? Real captains of industry just say, “You’re fired!” Waste of taxpayer money, all these “laws.”

    1. I know. It would be easier without them damn laws. Hell, I know whut I’m doing. Ain’t that enough for you?

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