Low Fidelity Podcast #4: The Donut That Never Gets Stale

September 30, 2017 § 6 Comments

It’s the weekend. Time for another podcast, directly from my bed.





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PS: Don’t forget the Wanky’s. As if you could. And I may have forgotten to mention that there is free food and beer for the first 300 guests, so get there early.

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§ 6 Responses to Low Fidelity Podcast #4: The Donut That Never Gets Stale

  • Michelle landes says:

    Rudy got nailed by a cop yesterday in Malaga but charmed his way out of it with his good looks and charm! Did the whole thing yesterday and spent the rest of the day on the couch 😂

  • LesB says:

    “with his good looks and charm”
    No wonder I can never weasel out of a ticket.

  • Eric R says:

    First time for me it was hard just getting to Malaga. Eventually I could make it to Trump hump or just starting the switchbacks before getting dumped on a good day. Victory was making it to the regroup points, college, water fountain, and to Granvia Altamira before the group left. My all time highlight was leading out G3 for a sprint win after he pushed me on the Glass Church so I wouldn’t get dropped. With a warmup (needed) I would get 65 miles and 6,500 ft of climbing. Can’t beat that 🙂

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