Low Fidelity Podcast No. 5: Lance’s date with destiny

My fifth podcast …

Bleak House. Jarndyce v. Jarndyce. The lawsuit that never ends …


That’s what Landis v. Tailwind Sports is like, an epic mountain of paper, hearings, and court filings that is now a veritable Mt. Everest. Filed in 2010, the case has finally reached maturity. Scheduled for trial in November, Armstrong made a last-ditch plea to the court to kick the can down the road until spring of 2018, which will possibly give cycling’s perennial bad boy a chance to settle.

Make no mistake, delay is the friend of the defense, and Lance has spent an estimated $15 million defending this assault on his personal fortune, which remains considerable.

How will it all shake out?

Tune in!



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8 thoughts on “Low Fidelity Podcast No. 5: Lance’s date with destiny”

  1. Any chance you can post the audio file directly, the podcast site does not allow me to set my phone speaker mode, and I’m not downloading there app.

  2. $15 million defending this assault on his personal fortune,

    Do you know how much multiple baby-mommas and Aspen living costs? Bike shops don’t pay for themselves. What if he has to fly commercial? USA Cycling can’t even use him and his buddies to teach the juniors about life as a pro cyclist.

    Is there no end to your cruelty?!?!?

    What we need is a Presidential pardon. I know just the clown to do it.

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