Brutal fun

Yesterday was the 51st Running of the Flog. Actually, there have more like 130 floggings, but for some reason I started counting late and so fifty-one is the number.

A solid crew showed up, except for me. I’ve been licking wounds all week from the Baby BWR beating and simply couldn’t face six laps around the PV Golf Course followed by an ascent of 18,000% Via La Cuesta, so I decided that instead of riding I would show up and take photos.

No kidding, five minutes before the ride started, down came the rain. The temperature plunged into the 40’s, which is plenty cold if you’re not dressed for it (only two riders were), and unendurable if it’s accompanied by buckets of rain. Several of the riders got early onset hypothermia. One jumped into the shower at home fully clothed and ruined his cell phone. One didn’t feel her feet again until noon. All were miserable beyond belief.

The Flogroll was comprised of Scotty E., Ken V., Fred M., Bob R., Trevor D., Kyle J., Salvador B., Mike H., Luke R., Kristie F., Greg S., and John L.

It was Trevor’s very first Flog, and he was one of the five riders who lasted to the bitter end. What a nice, warm welcome to hell.


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      1. Is that young people watch pro races and feel that they too have to suffer the cold? Seems like people dress in shorts and jersey even when its 40 degrees outside.. Then they feel super cold and get sick..

        1. We have this thing called “plunging temperatures” and “I don’t believe the weather report.” Plus, you get to say, “Honey, it was worse than L-B-L in ’78.”

    1. He copped it from Roger Worthington, who used it for his team logo–$12k dreamers–the official minimum wage of a Euro pro.

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