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A couple of months ago I wrote about one of the best biking experiences of my life. It wasn’t a trip to a foreign country, it was a trip in my very own city.

Called the MVMNT Ride, it’s not so much focused on cycling as it is focused on people meeting and sharing community while riding. On Saturday, June 9, the ride leaves from Ladera Center at 6709 La Tijera Blvd. at 8:00 AM, makes a stop at Leimert Park where we will enjoy a brief talk about the area, and then stops at Watts Towers. From there the ride retraces back to Ladera Center for a total of about thirty miles.

How much does the ride cost? It’s free.

What type of ride is it? Slow.

Who should come? Anyone who wants to explore L.A. on two wheels with friends.

You can get more information here. See you there!



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