Local motion

I have a friend named Nancy. She rides bikes. She is a super friendly lady. Nancy always smiles at you, compliments you, has something nice to say. Weirder still, it’s sincere.

Occasionally I will do a bike seminar with her and her friends and she always finds some way to thank me. Sometimes it’s a coffee card, sometimes it’s a treat at a coffee shop, and most recently it was a gift card to an Italian cafe that specializes in … coffee.

Nancy knows what I like.

Down at the grass roots

Thing is, Nancy knows what everyone likes, and what everyone likes is a good word. It’s funny how a good word here and a good word there can make good things happen. For instance, if I asked you to name the biggest bike club in Los Angeles you might say it was Velo Club La Grange, or Team Lizard Collectors, or Beach Cities Cycling Club, or Team Gargantua, but you would be wrong.

The honkingest bike club in Los Angeles is almost certainly the PV Bike Chicks, with over 900 members. I’ve totally made up the statement that they’re the biggest, but you have to admit, 900 is massive.

How did it get that way? I’m sure I don’t know. But part of it has to do with the vibe that Nancy is famous for. It’s the vibe of inclusiveness and friendliness. In fact, all of the PV Bike Chicks I’ve ever met are that way. Chicks on bikes just want to have fun, apparently.

I’ve noticed something else about my friend Nancy. She’s always trying to figure out how to help local businesses get a toehold.

How can I help?

Remember Steve Bowen, the wonderful man who ran the PV Bicycle Center? Nancy was an ardent supporter of his. The new bike shop over on Deep Valley that opened up a little while ago? Nancy makes sure everyone knows about it. The little cafe next to the PV Ranch Market? Yep, Nancy makes sure to patronize it and introduce other folks to it, along with the other businesses there.

So when she gave me a $25 gift card to a new coffee shop called Caffe Tre Venezie that has opened up on PCH and Madison, we went over to check it out. As you might expect, the moment we showed the owner our gift card, he smiled broadly. “You must be friends of Nancy!”

Alessandro is Italian, and his cappuccino is sublime. The gelato, equally so. There was even a dude hunched over an Italian textbook, practicing phrases with Alessandro in between customers. The coffee and gelato were great, but the vibe was even better. And of course it always feels good to thumb your nose at Starbucks.

Being there made me think about how powerful one person can be when she’s out there trying to do good, saying good things about people, supporting their businesses, doing what she can to make the hard work of entrepreneurship just a little bit easier.

What if everyone were that way?



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16 thoughts on “Local motion”

  1. Feeling listy:

    1. If everyone were that way they would be average. What makes Nancy so special is that that she is unusual. But I agree, the world would be a so much better place with more Nancys.

    2. PV and inclusiveness in the same paragraph — there is hope…

  2. Please know that every word written about Nancy warms my heart. When I read your words, I was moved to tears of gratitude. Nancy is my oldest child and I love to admit, she is pure joy to me. Thank you for everything you said and know that you make me feel more proud than ever.

  3. Seth,
    I could not echo your sentiments any better. You have been a most dedicated trainer. We are so lucky to get a bit of your wisdom.
    Could we all just stop and smell the roses and give back what we have recieved the swells of goodnesswould grow 2 feet bigger.

  4. No Nancy image? Imagine my surprise as I noticed there was an image to be scrolled to only find it was another image of you ( and some mighty good looking cuppocino )

  5. This is the Nancy, who is mentioned in the above post. I support Seth in the same way, as I support the PV Bike Chicks and Caffe Tre Venezie. If you are reading this, and are not already paying to read the outstanding Cycling in the South Bay, please subscribe. And, tell your cycling family and friends. Thank you, Seth. Hi Mom.

  6. The 900 is very exaggerated but not the comments about Nancy!

    She is one of kind. A gem. She is one of the most courageous people I know. She is so full of life, caring, kindness and genuineness. Truly traits that are so rarely freely given today. Kudos to you Nancy!

  7. I just got back from a weekend in B.C. I can confirm people being nice is a great thing.

  8. Roslyn Fanello

    Nancy is a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you to the writer and to Nancy for the info about the new coffee house. I’ll be there pronto!

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