On the rivet (Raid)

May 24, 2018 § 4 Comments

Miserably hard.

Crazy fun.

Gorgeous roads.

Spine-crunching climbs.

Lung-emptying vistas.

Dirt roads.

Five-star coffee.

Racer Five.

Tough as nails riders.

Low water crossings.

Dazzling countryside

Carless dirt tracks.

Rolling country roads.


Crisp mountain air.

Dickstomping competition.



Familiar faces.

Fresh meat.

Grizzled veterans.

MTB wizards.

Road warriors.

Full support.

Sock lottery.





Self-made fate.




In 2017 I got to experience all this and a thousand adjectives more. It’s all awaiting you on the 2018 Rivet Raid. Don’t miss it.



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Copyright 2017 Steve Cohen, Used with Permission

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§ 4 Responses to On the rivet (Raid)

  • bjornsnider says:

    Haha… how you come up with these adjectives is beyond me! 👍🏼

  • zigak says:


    I was reading your blog about learning german and wanted to comment on it, but the comment section ws closed already. Why do you close so soon? The best comments come after a few months, you know. How else are you going to learn about all the great sites that offer the newest of viruses and so on?

    Anyway, did you know that in Germany, when they interview some austrian on tv, they use subtitles?

    When we were in Vienna for a short trip, I asked the clerk in our hotel for a key to “zimmer vierhundert dreiundzwanzig ” and he goes: vie bitte? In the meantime another patron comes and says woijfdsunvoriz, and gets his key. As I was telling this later to my grandma, who was fluent in german, she was laughing so hard, she cried. Offended, I asked did I mispronounced something, and she said, no you said it perfectly, that’s why it so funny. This is Austria.

    See, viruses and unfunny anecdotes.

    • fsethd says:

      Awesome story! Sorry about the closed comments, but spammers use open comments to go back and fill my comment queue with hundreds or thousands of viagra, porn, and real estate scams. Thanks for the hilarious story.

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