Please come to lovely Palos Verdes Peninsula!

The latest volley of race hatred on the peninsula was lobbed by the Rancho Palos Verdes city council as it voted to stop advertising certain Recreation and Parks events on the city’s Facebook page. Earlier, the city council did its best to erect another “Keep Out!” sign on the peninsula by trying to curb “meet-up groups” and ban alcohol in public places, but that wasn’t enough to inhibit the us v. them mentality that has driven all peninsula communities since their inception.

Whiny assholes like residents Herb Stark and Donald Bell lent their lamentations to the general critique that the peninsula is becoming the “playground of the area” and that when the city publicizes events it can “overwhelm residents’ ability to fully enjoy those events.”

Code for “black and brown people stay out”

Rancho Palos Verdes has long suffered from being the poor cousin to Palos Verdes Estates, with the PVE’ers looking their nose down at the poverty stricken RPV’ers, and the RPV’ers looking down their noses at Torrance. (FYI, Torrance looks down its nose at Gardena.)

Unfortunately city manager Doug Willmore dumped a bucket of warm spit on the complainers when he pointed out that refraining from posting events on social media will not prevent people from coming to the city’s preserves and parks. He didn’t add that the parks are public, as is the coastline, and any person in California has the right to enjoy them.

Flunky council member Ken Dyda knows an election issue when he sees one, so he added his incredibly bright observation that “When it starts preventing our people from really enjoying what they pay taxes for, I think it’s time we do scale it back significantly.”

Did you hear the dog whistle?

“Our people” = White people.

“Pay taxes” = White people.

“Scale it back” = Obstruct public usage by non-resident, i.e. black and brown people.

How you can help the good denizens of RPV, and the peninsula in general

  1. Get in your car and drive to the peninsula. THERE ARE UNTOLD MILES OF FREE STREETSIDE PARKING EVERYWHERE. Put your bike in the back, unload it, and spend the day pedaling along the PUBLIC streets. Perhaps you are even legally parking your rusted out Buick LeSabre in front of Ken’s house so he can appreciate the styling of Detroit steel from the 90’s.
  2. Ride your bike to the peninsula. Stop by Malaga Cove Plaza, where you can pop in and say hi to local NextDoor whiner Frank Ponce. Offer to take him on a ride and watch him mutter excuses under his breath.
  3. Tell all your friends that the best parks, best views, best hiking, best surfing, and best cycling in LA are on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, and if they haven’t experienced it, they should. Encourage people to take their families to regular outings all along the peninsula. If you have extra seats in your car, invite a friend.
  4. Post your beautiful pictures on Instabrag and Facebrag, with location information about all of the peninsula’s beautiful PUBLIC parks and PUBLIC coastline access. Encourage people to beat global warming and spend their weekend in lovely RPV, with frequent sashays over to Bluff Cove in PVE where they can take in views of the scenic bay.
  5. Get the word out that the peninsula is a “secret” and a “hidden gem,” and post it all over travel web sites like Trip Advisor and Add information about the friendly residents, welcoming law enforcement, and surf kooks in Lunada Bay who are dying to show beginners how to surf.
  6. Use Google Translate to make sure your posts are read in a dozen languages so that a good portion of the several million tourists who fly into LAX each year will know to rent their Dodge Neon and head straight for Bluff Cove, Golden Cove, Del Cerro, Ladera Park, the Switchbacks, Lunada Bay, and Indicators.






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7 thoughts on “Please come to lovely Palos Verdes Peninsula!”

  1. Oh, I can’t wait to park our Outback on a public RPV street and ride our tandem bike all over the place. We’ll annoy the crap out of the residents with our lights and bike bell. Tangentially, the bike bell was hand-crafted in San Francisco from brass from an old Mission bell. I’ll be sure to tell all our NorCal friends, so they can also annoy the crap out of the residents. Whee!

    1. Sounds like a good place for the electric scooter share companies to launch. The rich and #fake rich NIMBYS would melt.

    1. Damn straight they do. But the loudest and nastiest and most blatantly racist people are the white ones.

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