Lifetime achievement and garage sale

Anyway, FOR SALE: Less than one year old Fuji SL1 frame with e-Tap and new FFWD F3 all carbon clinchers, mostly new Conti 25 mm front/rear with tubes, along with 12 size S jerseys, most of the jerseys are the last two years of Team Lizard Collectors, great condition, a couple of La Grange jerseys, 12 size M bibs (TLC/La Grange/plain black), 3 TLC skinsuits, 3 Wend Wax combo short/bib one-piece size M, 2 long-sleeve TLC jackets, 3 Pearl Izumi tights one of which is old and ratty, 1 pair Giro Empire road lace-ups (white), 1 pair Giro Empire (cross), 1 spare set of new Shimano cleats, 32 pairs of CitSB socks, 1 Giant TCX 2017 (size L) with FFWD disc wheels, SRAM Force,, 4 pairs long-fingered Giro gloves, assorted bike tools (lightly used, you can bet), assorted arm and leg warmers, 3 pairs of shoe covers, 2 rain jackets, one Stage 1 and one Specialized, two vests  (one Rapha, size S, one TLC size M), full light set including Diablo 1300-lumen headlights x 2, ApaceVision rear lights x 2, Cygolite 150 rear x 1, 2 wheel bags, 6 tubes, 6 tires (25 mm, Conti and Vredestein), 3 Wend Wax sets with wax and cleaner, Cask Proton helmet size M, G3 tripod bike stand, 1 gallon of Simple Green, 3 rolls of shop towels, 25 shop rags, 1 Lezyne steel floor pump, assorted water bottles, 5 CO2 cartridges.

Yours for one dollar.




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24 thoughts on “Lifetime achievement and garage sale”

  1. My great-Uncle is royalty and want nothing more than be bike racer. Desire is so great that he authorize, limited time, to offer twice asking price for various bike racing equipment. He also desire to spare PayPal fee. Please reply post-haste your name, address, phone and bank account number.

    (And, by the way, congratulations!)

  2. Ha! That is a HUGE gap to the field. Well done. Great clean wheels pic!

  3. Wanker: I’m a couple deep on bottles of Pliny the Elder I flew home from a trip to the Russian River region, so please spell it out – does this mean you finally f—– won the Telo? Also, sack up and reg for the full BWR in 2019. Live in AZ now, but grew up on those trails around Lake Hodges and just invested in a SC Stigmata. I’ll be looking for you out there. Can’t miss those hideous LC uniforms you guys wear.

    1. Finish four full BWRs in a row and get back to me about your sack size, “senna.”

  4. Will do Wanker. Win the Duo in your 40’s, and then finish top 10 solo at the 24HOP post 50 and then come talk to me about sack size. BWR looks like a test, but I grew up on those trails brother. Just make sure you don’t lose your nerve again during the reg process this year. Paul Boudreaux.

  5. PS – Congrats on the win Wanker and thanks for a great read most every day. p

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