Best Sunday ride ever

I got up at my usual time, 4:30 AM, and headed straight into the kitchen. If you’re gonna have a great ride you need to start early.

There is a big colander on the counter filled with pan-roasted coffee beans, and I scooped out three big spoonfuls and dumped them into the little Kitchen-Aid grinder. We bought it in June of 2000 and it has ground up several hundred thousand tons of coffee without ever so much as a burp. If you’re gonna have a great ride you need a great cup of coffee.


While I waited for the water to boil I took out the loaf of bread I had baked the day before, a creature called Landbrot according to the Brotbackbuch I bought a few months ago. Sourdough purists will turn up their noses, as it’s a simple white flour bread with spelt, but you wouldn’t turn up your nose at 4:45 with a rumbling stomach and a slab of butter begging to be slathered. If you’re gonna have a great ride you need have a great breakfast.


At 5:00 AM pointy-sharp it was time to start my two-hour iTalki German video lesson with Leo. Leo is a character. He is a young guy in Germany studying Russian about to move to Ukraine so he can learn computer programming. He is also a fantastic teacher. For two hours we talked about the old houses, this one, in Galveston, and this one, in Houston, that I grew up in. Both are still standing and look infinitely nicer than they ever looked when I lived in them, a coincidence, I’m sure. If you’re gonna have a great ride you need to sharpen your mind first with some German grammar and vocabulary.

I took out my bike and cleaned it end to end. I spit-polished the chain and lubed it up with a fresh coat of Wend wax. If you’re gonna have a great ride you need a clean chain.


At 8:30 there was a knock on the door and my daughter came over with her two kids. My oldest grandson was ragingly hungry and he had heard that grandpa was cooking pancakes. Grandpa wasn’t, but now he was, not only because when a grandson needs pancakes you’d better whip up some pancakes, but also because if you’re gonna have a great ride you are gonna need some sourdough whole wheat pancakes to go with it.


Once the second breakfast was done, Ringoro wanted to watch Ultraman on the computer. Ultraman is the best tv show of all time including Speed Racer, and Episode 2 in Japanese is a humdinger. I was easily convinced to watch Ultraman do battle with the aliens trying to take over the earth because if you’re gonna have a great ride then you need some great mental inspiration about fighting space aliens and stuff to stiffen your spine.

Episode 2 turned into Episode 10 somehow, which meant it was time for lunch. Yasuko pulled out the leftovers from dinner last night, which consisted of fried chicken dipped in Bull-Dog Sauce, rice, salad, miso soup, and more Landbrot. If you’re gonna have a great ride you need a great lunch.

The only problem with the great lunch was the great diversion of blood from brain to stomach, necessitating a healthy nap. If you are gonna have a great ride you need great rest.

I had a couple of interesting dreams during that nap, so when I awoke I went over to the couch and picked up my copy of Freud’s Die Traumdeutung. This is a great book and fascinating, and I picked up where I’d left off the night before, reading up on how dreams about having your teeth pulled are repressed desires to masturbate and be homosexual. I didn’t recall any dental dreams from my nap, but it was interesting reading nonetheless. If you’re gonna have a great ride, you need to be at one with all your repressed desires.

The next time I looked up it was three o’clock, and Yasuko was working on her first batch of homemade French bread. I helped out a little bit. If you’re gonna have a great ride, you need to know there’s gonna be a great dinner when you get finished.

Once that was all done it was pushing five o’clock. I went into the bedroom to change and realized that since dinner was at six it probably made more sense to read some more Freud, eat dinner, and call it a day. Plus, that French bread had just come out of the oven and man did it smell good. If you’re gonna have a great ride, you can always have it tomorrow.



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10 thoughts on “Best Sunday ride ever”

  1. Another good one, reminding me that since our daughters were tiny, and now even with children of their own, any time a dish was lacking in taste (not a comment on Yasuko san’s cooking) they would say “ Bulldogu ga Irimasu! “.

  2. I think my Kitchen aid grinder may pre-date yours. It has survived multiple drops and keeps on grinding, though I only use it when I need to grind more than 3 cups worth of beans. Otherwise I use a manual stone grind hand turned grinder. I have just enough upper body strength to do that.

  3. Loved each little bit of rationalization throughout the day, completely echoes my inner dialogue on weekend mornings. I know I can always make it out the door, circle back by 11 am and my droopy-eyed kids would barely notice. But I also know that on those special days when I camp out and make a great breakfast with the kids, it’s a really good morning that I remember for a long time.

    1. Ich kann Französisch, und weil ich jetzt Slovakisch lerne, habe ich keine Zeit für Bulgarisch …

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