Cookies, not donuts

August 11, 2018 § 7 Comments

Phil Gaimon showed up for the 8:05 ride at 8:04, showing knowledge of the South Bay ways, because at 8:06 you are officially chasing.

After some lighthearted smack talk with Phil, the Donut, which had swelled to well over 200 riders, hit Malaga Cove Plaza and it was game on. At some point it will be posted on Phil’s YouTube channel; check it out.

Innumerable riders were punched out the back right there, never to be seen again as they figured out ways to spin it for the mister/missus:

  1. I just wanted to say “Hi!” to my friends.
  2. Easy week.
  3. I didn’t really believe Phil would show up.
  4. I’ve been up since 4:00 and already have 50 miles and 5k feet on my legs.

I got dropped a couple hundred yards before the top but was able to suck wheel back to the peloton, where I sat and cowered until we got to the bottom of the Switchbacks.

Who came, who didn’t

Diego, the current holder of the Switchbacks-Domes KOM that Phil had come to take away, was otherwise occupied, as were numerous other South Bay hammers who suddenly had other things to do on Saturday morning.

Steadfast and tough riders like Rahsaan, Frexit, Attila the Hun, Chris Tregillis, Kevin Phillips, Ivan Fernandez, the Wiley Greek, Adam Flores, Steve Kim, Derek the Destroyer, Charon, and a handful of other South Bay regulars came to the festivities, but it had Saturday Morning Massacre written all over it from the word “go” as VC LaGrange and Subaru/Team Helen’s showed up with all guns firing, and Westsiders Rudy Napolitano, JJ, and a bunch of assassins I don’t know and never hope to meet again arrived in force.

That was tasty, may I have another?

We hit the bottom of the Switchbacks and with yeoman work from Chris Tregillis and much of the Subaru team, Phil & Co. vanished.

I got dropped at the very bottom, and reminded everyone of #4 above, loudly.

Phil coasted cozily down from the Domes, having shredded 30 seconds off the former KOM with a time of 11:39.

A bunch more hard riding ensued, the herd thinning with each acceleration. At one point going to the Domes I was in solid seventh, and then got mowed down by fifteen other actual bicyclists.

I hit it hard at the Glass Church, dragged a small group over the top, then got dropped when they put away the newspaper and pedaled.

At the bottom of Zumaya I was done, with 90 miles and 9k for the day. I’m not sure if Phil got that KOM too, as it was on his menu. I’d check Strava if I were on it.

The question of donuts v. cookies was put to rest though, with an iron stake driven through the heartless hole of our beloved Donut. It’s cookies, folks.



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§ 7 Responses to Cookies, not donuts

  • I believe the KOM was taken not from Diego, but from Sam Boardman, who had taken it from Diego. And Sam declined to defend his title because he was doing silly stuff like being a pro bike racer competing in the Tour du Rwanda.

    • fsethd says:

      Facts. Pffft.

      Since I’m not on the Stravver, I will take your word for it not believe you at all, but the segment that Phil texted me, something called NDR (New Donut Ride?) Blah Blah Blah and went Switchbacks-Domes had Diego at the very tippy top. And there were 50,000+ attempts. I’ll admit that 49,999 of them were mine, though.

      With regard to Sam Boardman, uh, pro racing instead of doing our local hacker ride? Please. Priorities, okay?

    • fsethd says:

      Also, no Stravver record is official until Strava, Jr. signs off on it.

  • senna65 says:

    Well, I guess the 8:05 AM start for a 5 hour ride in August is what folks are paying crazy real estate prices for in coastal SC. In AZ if you don’t have at least 50 miles and 5K in the bank by 8:05am you are SOL or about to take a dance with the devil…

  • OneLife says:

    Ever so inspiring pictures and presentation. Though I ride an MTB and not so competitively as you guys, but reading your blogs have started having an effect on me and I might graduate to be a roadie soon.

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