Nice bikes are so expensive

It is crazy how expensive bikes are. When you add up all the stuff, it can set you back $5k or more just to get started. What a ripoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heart valve replacement: $170,000

Heart bypass surgery: $123,000

Diabetic medical care: $9,601 per year (multiply times 10, 15, or 20!)

Hypertension: $2,000 per year

Atherosclerosis treatment: $12,888 per year

Erectile dysfunction: $1,727.75 annually ($69.11 per pill x 25 sessions per year)

Drug/Alcohol rehab: $1,000 (outpatient detox), $6,000 – $60,000 (inpatient rehab), $5,000 – $10,000 (outpatient rehab), $4,700/year (medications)

Insomnia-related costs: $1,431 – $1,510 per year

Depression treatment: $8,000 per year

Sedentary lifestyle: $1,437 per year



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23 thoughts on “Nice bikes are so expensive”

  1. Guessing if you took hardcore cyclists bikes away a big % would be high risk for the D/A rehab siteeation…

  2. So you’re maybe saying that health insurance should get preventive and save us all money (except for doctors) by covering the cost of bicycles. Pedalcare for all!

  3. The problem is the American public only pays lip service to preventative medicine. Something the perpetualy cash starved NHS figured out a long time ago and why the average 65-70 year English person enjoys comparable health to the average 65-70 year old millionaire and richer here in the US

    1. I think an Englishperson of any age would be outraged being compared to an American.

  4. Costs of cycling:

    Lost 25 lbs, cost of new clothes to fit: $800?

    Major crash roughly every 5 yrs (medical copays and associated costs including lost work days): $2500/5 yrs

    Minor crash roughly every 2 yrs (tegaderm, neosporin, whisky, etc): $200/2

    Equipment Costs: Bikes, kits, shoes, tubes, tires, bike-related toys: TBD, much of cost would have been spent on illicit drugs, hookers & beer (see drug/alcohol rehab costs above) if I didn’t spend so much time in the saddle, so we’ll call that a wash.

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