Big Day 2018

Headed north in a few minutes.

PV – Santa Barbara – Gibraltar Climb – PV.

Taking a few of my worst enemies with me:

Kristie Fox
Eric Bruins
Dan Cobley
Jonathan Paris
Mathieu Brousseau
Ramon Ramos
Alex Barnes
Lauren Mulwitz
Wesley Morgan
Stathis Sakellariadis
Ivan Fernandez
Fred Mackey
Bjorn Snider
Adam Flores
Evens Stievenart
Attila Fruttus
Michael Smith
Rudy Napolitano
Robert Frank
James Cowan
Liutaurus Rusaitis

Estimated mileage: Lots.

Couldn’t do it without Yasuko, who’s giving us a feed in SB before the real ride begins. Thank you, honey!



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