Scandalicious photo!

So, I was trying to let the furor die down after King Trumpy MacBighands accidentally on purpose awarded himself the carbonalicious electronifed Artillerydale Orgasmatron Bicycle, but then I got a really angry letter from a cow dentist in Altoona and then a blog commenter suggested that perhaps the dentist and King Trumpy were one and the same and so I did a Google search to see if I could find any evidence to back up my claims: “cow dentist + trumpy macbighands + rafflegate + warbucks”.





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2 thoughts on “Scandalicious photo!”

  1. I think you were a Pioneer in making s#it up, now the country has adopted it as the defacto way of doing “business”, it only makes this completly legit.

    Also as funny as hell, your part that is not the way “business” is done

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