No time for life

I went for a ride today, my first pedal in 30 days. It was tiring but it felt great. I needed a break, and a break I got. While riding, a friend was telling me about a guy we knew who used to ride bicycles. “Yeah, Ol’ Joe doesn’t ride anymore.”

“How come?”

“He got busy with work.”

“Does he still like riding?”

“He’s crazy for it.”

“So how come he doesn’t ride?”

“Like I said, he got busy with work.”

“Does he need the extra money?”

“Nah. But you know. Business is busy.”

Cart before the horse

I thought the whole point behind working was to make money that you can use to help lead a quality life. Unless it’s out of necessity, if you are working so much that you can’t do the things you love, what is the point of working?

I see it everywhere here in the South Bay. People have nice homes, nice cars, nice clothes, nice vacations, all the trappings of a “good life.” But most of them are still gutting out a day job that they don’t really like. The saddest ones are the (mostly) guys who are retirement age but keep plugging away simply to keep the paycheck coming, the paycheck they don’t even need.

What is wrong with people? Don’t they know that virtually everyone who was alive in 1918 is dead?



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15 thoughts on “No time for life”

  1. Tim Joe Comstock

    Travis McGee had it figured out: take retirement in installments. Me, I go out and bust my ass for a couple months, make a chunk, then lay around the trailer park for a few weeks. Having a low overhead helps.

    Hence the trailer park.

  2. I don’t think it’s a modern phenomenon, we are just hyper saturated with more and more information.

  3. Today is the 243 birthday of the USMC and I heard from some of my squadron mates from more than 6 decades ago …. calling themselves surviviors …..

    Here’s to those that are absent …..

    I went outside this morning and the remants of the Santa Ana gave the air that great desert air feeling …. blue blue sky ….. dry and warm …… Wow ….. great to still be alive!

    Semper fi

  4. Did you do the Fig Fondo with your wife? She set a great time on the QOM timed segment. I figured she didn’t stay for the awards because they were later in the day, but please tell her congrats for a great climb. And good job to you for taking a break when you needed it, getting back on the bike when you were ready, and recognizing what’s important in life.

    1. We signed up for it but were unable to go due to the fires. Someone took her number and did the ride … definitely not her. Thanks for the kind wishes! Hopefully we will make it up there next year.

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