Look, Mom, I am famous

It’s not often that other people not involved in bike-car collisions ask me what I think. But the other day, Phil Gaimon did. Then he podcasted it.

You can listen to the whole thing here. I think I only said “fuck” like, zero or one times.



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16 thoughts on “Look, Mom, I am famous”

  1. christian tregillis

    Thanks for doing that. So much great knowledge in there. A must listen. And that was two f-bombs.

  2. “He makes you want to get hit by a car just so you can talk to him”. Great interview, definitely worth the listen. Somehow hearing you talk about UM coverage impressed upon me its critical importance versus the (many) blog posts I’ve read and dismissed. Thanks!

      1. I did it! Called the insurance agent today and made sure our coverage is maxed out. Turns out we have an umbrella policy issued years ago (no longer available) that includes UM so we are maxed out. Next step – put lights on the bikes.

        1. That is super!! Now for lights: I use the Diablo (made by Exposure) on my handlebars, the Cygolite 150 Hotshot on my seat post, and two Apace Vision lights on each seat stay. Cars give me a wide berth now, and not just because I occasionally forget to shower.

  3. Great info on the podcast, thank you!
    I’ve started riding with daytime lights. It does help.

    We shouldn’t have to, but being right and dead doesn’t help my sprint.

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