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December 4, 2018 § 3 Comments

You know how I said I was gonna take a break from blogging? Just kidding.

I mean, I really was going to, but then I realized that I had some information about travel that I absolutely had to share with my two subscribers and four freeloaders. Here it is:

It’s important to pack well. I believe in traveling with lots of stuff so that you never run out of anything. Better to have waaaaaay tooooo much than too little. Because if you run out of stuff it can be serious.

That’s why I keep a checklist and follow it carefully before I travel. For example, I’m going to China, which is a country. You never know what you will need in a place like China because it is very wild and remote and far from In-N-Out, so you have to be sure to take everything. I’m including my China list in case you ever go to China for a couple of weeks. If you follow this list you’ll have everything you need. More than everything, actually.

The downside is that you will have significant baggage and probably a hernia from carrying all this stuff, but that is life.

  1. Itinerary
  2. Hotel info
  3. Passport
  4. Sweater
  5. Coat
  6. Hoodie
  7. Cap
  8. Credit card
  9. Cash
  10. Book
  11. Wristwatch
  12. Underwear x 3
  13. Socks x 3
  14. T-shirt x 3
  15. Pants
  16. Notebook
  17. Pen
  18. Camera and charging cord
  19. Toothbrush
  20. Toothpaste
  21. Floss
  22. Razor
  23. Shaving cream
  24. Shaving balm

Things to buy:

  1. Postcard
  2. Tea
  3. Map



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§ 3 Responses to Packing list

  • dangerstu says:

    I’m going to 5 countries and plan on taking 5 times as much stuff especially underwear. There’s a moral hear and I should perhaps reconsider but I know at the last minute I’ll bottle and put it all in anyway. Have a good trip.

  • nealhe says:

    No phone? A phone can do double duty as a phone and a camera.

    I just got a new phone with a micro chip ‘hard drive’ that as 256 GB of data storage …. the new phone rivals my computer ….. except for the tiny keyboard.

    Perhaps you need permission to take a vacation from blogging.

    Sorta like when people are dying … sometimes it helps to give them permission to let go.

    You have my permission to take a paid vacation from blogging.

    I will not desert you and will continue the cash flow.

    You will come back refreshed and ready to go again ….. or not …. maybe quit for good …. but it is worth taking the chance.

    Have fun in China ….. looking for a full report (if you are still blogging after the vacation.)

    Keep in mind that US China relations could sour quickly and you might want to leave in a hurry …. or make a run for the US Embassy …… no fun spending time in a bamboo cage.

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