The art of non-blogging

I’ve been on a non-blogging vacation now for several days. Every day I insist that I’m not going to blog, so I don’t. But then, a little bit later in the day, it seems like it would be pretty easy to knock one out.

So although technically it’s not blogging, I do blog just a little bit.

A “technical blog” is one that involves extensive research, planning, focus groups, long bike rides in bad weather, and an analysis of cycling trade magazines. Technical blogs require verified sources, reliable information, and important new insights to the world of cycling in general and in specific the galaxy of cycling in the South Bay.

In other words, I’ve never written one.

The word “blogger” is kind of interesting. It derives from the Greek word “Blogae,” which means “huge waster of time and general numbskull.” It is very different from the words “journalist” and “writer,” which connote thoughtfulness, talent, skill, and professionalism. When you say that someone is a blogger you really mean that they aren’t good enough to get paid to write, or that no one except Mom reads what they write, which is mostly the same thing. When you say someone has a blog it’s kind of like saying they have an (unwashed) armpit. Everyone, with no practice at all, can have one and at some point in their lives invariably does.

I don’t know if the pejorative connotations come from the sound of the word, that is, “blogger” sounds vaguely like “booger” or “blooper.” Maybe the connotation comes from the fact that of all the media invented since the beginning of time, none is as vacuous as the blog.

Upon reflection it really makes sense to knock off blogging for a bit, so this is absolutely, positively the last one I’m doing until the end of my blogging vacation. Really. I’m not kidding around.



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3 thoughts on “The art of non-blogging”

  1. You know Seth, sometimes I enjoy your non-blogging as much as your actual blogging. But never mind that, have a great vacation and non-blog as much as you like.

  2. Etymology: Jorn Barger coined the term ‘weblog’ in 1997 and Peter Merholz coined the shortened version to ‘blog’ on May 23, 1999. Potential next step word evolution – vacation blog or ‘vog’, non-blog or ‘nog’ wanker blog or ‘wog’ or lazy man’s pronunciation of blog refined to simply, ‘og’. OK, now back to my morning coffee. Have a great trip. Looking forward to more nogs.

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