The perfect loaf(er)

December 19, 2018 § 9 Comments

It was recently remarked to me that Cycling in the South Bay doesn’t always have anything to do with cycling or the South Bay, so we’ll rectify that today.

South Bay connection: The Beach Cottage Bakery.

Cycling connection #1: Alex Barnes, local hammer who talks funny.

Cycling connection #2: Bread.

When sourdough isn’t sour

About a year ago I baked my first loaf of sourdough bread, and it wasn’t very good or very sour, but I ate it because I don’t like to waste stuff, I mean, cheap.

Since then I have baked several times a week, with varying results. Sometimes it has resulted in frisbees, sometimes in bricks, sometimes in frisbee bricks.

In the process I have learned a lot about cycling and nutrition. Here is what I’ve learned: It doesn’t really matter what you eat. Chris Horner won the Vuelta on cheeseburgers. Rudy Napolitano won the Big Day 2018 on a Stella Artois. QED.

What matters is how food tastes. If it tastes bad, you are losing. The discovery that I can bake my own bread is similar to that bumper sticker you see on old pickups: The worst day fishing is better than the best day working. Reframed, the worst loaf of home made is better than the best loaf of supermarket bread.

But what about the best loaf of sourdough?

There’s a word for that, “heaven.” And Alex Barnes, local hammer who talks funny, is married to a woman who also talks funny, but unlike Alex, who spends his free time mashing people to a pulp on the bike, Lisa spends her time creating the best sourdough bread you will ever eat anywhere.

Her creations are wholesome beyond belief, delicious beyond words, and waaaay more affordable than a new Pinarello.

The good news is that her cottage bakery is open for business.

The better news is that starting in January you can get her bread on subscription, which is kind of like being subscribed to cocaine minus the jail time. And to anyone who says that home baked bread = stretch pants, I give you Lisa as Exhibit A and Alex as Exhibit B.

The best news is that once you start eating whole grain sourdoughs, hand made by a master baker, it will change your life forever for the better. And by “master baker,” I’m not kidding. She has over 45,000 followers on Instagram, more than Baby Seal, even.



Most amazing bread …
Withstands the test of peanut butter!

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