Boyz badly beaten

December 29, 2018 § 5 Comments

Today CitSB sat down with Lauren Mulwitz after her amazing NPR #fakerace #fakewin on Thursday in order to get her take on this hard-fought battle.

CitSB: So, you’re now the second woman to ever win the NPR. How does it feel? Best feeling in the world?

LM: Second best.

CitSB: Right. How did it unfold?

LM: There were a bunch of riders and I beat them.

CitSB: Yes, got it. What happened exactly?

LM: Everyone pedaled hard and went crazy fast.

CitSB: Yes?

LM: But I went just a little faster.

CitSB: Um, okay. What about the strategy? How did you pull it off?

LM: I pedaled as hard as I could.

CitSB: Is it true that Charon was in the field?

LM: I think so. They were behind me so I don’t really know.

CitSB: Ouch! And Evens? Did you beat Evens, too?

LM: I don’t know. Was he back there?

CitSB: Ouuuuuuch! Ouch!

LM: Look, it was NPR. I don’t know who all was there.

CitSB: Oh, that is painful, just painful. So how did it unfold?

LM: Cressey and some really strong dude bridged on the golf course bump and the pack didn’t chase. They let me have it.

CitSB: Riiiiiiight. Kind of like a late Christmas gift?

LM: Yes, I guess so.

CitSB: Because everyone on NPR is so nice and friendly and loves to see women win?

LM: Well …

CitSB: Nice job out there.

LM: Thanks!

CitSB: But don’t go beat all the guys again, okay? Please?



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§ 5 Responses to Boyz badly beaten

  • That girl can roll.

  • Vlad Luskin says:

    Kudos, Lauren!

    You know, Seth, if women keep winning male participation will decline, as men can’t stand being beaten by women. Of course the combination of women’s winning and men bugging out will attract more women to the ride, leading to more and more women winning, which would be a great thing.

    Did you plan all that? ^^^^

  • senna65 says:

    Wanker: Off topic here, but nonetheless…Have gotten into cross this year (racing and watching), and now wishing Tilford was still around to hear his commentary – never was interested when he was around and posting about it. As an endurance MTB guy, cross was the last thing I ever thought I would do. But, family stuff happened that made it tough to train for 12 hour races, and have to say cross is a blast . Anyway, just curious if you ever check it out and if you have any commentary? Beats watching a bunch of emaciated guys stare at their power meters, and VDP is a flat out genius.

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