Our Dear Leader

“We had to make America great again by destroying it.”



18 thoughts on “Our Dear Leader”

  1. Our Dear Leader is a Cheeto Haired Jizz Trumpet He thinks fish live in trees and eat pencils. He thinks the earth is flat ,we did not land on the moon. But he is doing a great job the SWAMP ENHANCEMENT!!!!

  2. I believe in Making America Great Again….

    ….by flushing trump down the sewer
    ….thereby making America great again like it was before he poked his head up out of the sludge.

    Just sayin’

  3. Hang in there Wanker. You’ve only got 6 years and probably only one more Supreme Court appointee to go.

    1. If the election were held today, the same people who didn’t vote last time and are complaining right now still wouldn’t vote.

  4. Tim Joe Comstock

    the state of emergency isn’t at the southern border it is sitting in the oval office

    1. It’s the same state of emergency we sometimes get with a 2-year-old and requires a diaper.

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