Working on deadline

Today’s post was supposed to be about some awesome stuff. But unusually I got a bad night’s sleep and even more unusually I tossed my first blog draft/topic, the whole thing. And unlike most mornings, I have to get this wrapped and out by 5:00 AM. Four minutes to go …

Instead of writing about awesome stuff, let me ask you a question. Do you have an awesome Friday coming up? I hope you do, and I hope it involves a bike ride. Bike rides have a magical way of wiping away the messiness of a bad night’s sleep.

I had the pleasure last night of having a good friend come over under the guise of fellowship and lay a giant, stinking turd on the dining room table as we enjoyed what had been a nice postprandial conversation.

My discontent has already given way to disappointment which has now morphed into forgiveness. People do shitty things all the time, Seth. Get the fuck over it, because those same people do wonderful things, too, which is what makes them that species of human called “friend.”

The hard fact is that not everyone knows that money isn’t the secret to happiness, and if you believe in dog, pray for them that they will learn this truth before the hourglass runs out.


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  1. My eyelids are heavy after a sleep in which I had to interrupt at 3am to work the dough, and then I got up at 5am to meet Eddie and Vic for a ride at 6am. Eddie hammered, thinking my assessment that we’d have him home by 8:30am was in error, and now I sit at my desk, trying REAL hard to see my monitors, and not the backside of my eyelids.

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