Old bikes

I’m not an old bike knower, and certainly not a collector, but I do notice old stuff when it pops up. Vienna has lots of old bikes roaming round, often latched to a tree or post while their masters study or work indoors.

I saw this one parked on MaHu, filthy; I spied the shifters first and then the derailleur. All original, including the Personal frame. I guess if it ain’t broke after 60 years of hard riding, don’t fix it.

Over by one of the universities I saw this gem. I love the model, “Tour Sieger” which means “Tour Victor.”

Which tour, though?

It was made in Vienna, bumping up the coolness factor considerably.

Just around the corner was this DeRosa. You see them seldom though they were once ubiquitous. Eddy Merckx made his first frames under the DeRosa mark. Can’t beat the frame pump and Campy head.

On the way back to Schwedenplatz I saw this Pinarello, horribly ugly and beautiful, dated to the 90’s by the neon. I love the mix and match, Campy cranks and front derailleur, random brakes, GP4 sew-ups, toe clips. Whatever works, man.

Parked next to it was a 90’s Moser, equally ugly, maybe they were dating? I love the garish colors and the bold padlock with chain.

This R. Beck from Marseilles I’ve never heard of, but love the colorful Shimano 600 rear derailleur. If I’ve never heard of it, it’s probably legendary.

For some reason Bottecchia is common in Vienna. I saw a guy on a pristine one and chased him for a bit but couldn’t get him despite heavy pedestrian traffic and his slow speed. But I got this one. The old Concor, original for sure. I was a Turbo man, myself …

This one caught my eye thanks to the chromed lugs. Such a pretty touch on an ordinary old thing.

Battaglin was another legendary mark. I think most of the brands have been sold and are on mass produced Chinese bikes now. I love the cut-outs and the “aero” chromed fork. Wolf bolted to the downtube shifter mounts extra, no doubt. Totally digging the Cinelli stem!

This may be Czech, or Slovak judging from the diacritical marks on the lettering. Crazy pretty frame when in-tube routing was all the rage because, aero.

Ok. Done!


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