2019 South Bay Cycling Award Winners … continued!

October 2, 2019 § 3 Comments

Okay, deep into the list of “way behind on stuff I was supposed to do in September.”

Remember the glorious 2019 All Clubs BBQ and 7th South Bay Cycling Awards? Where worthy winners were crowned with a plaque and an awesome swag bag filled with amazing items from Pedal Industries, Wend Wax, Castelli Cycling, and other cool stuff?

Well, the fact of the matter is that even though this was an honor greater than winning an Oscar, several of the winners were unable to attend due to illness, being on another continent, having a critical Zwift workout to complete, oversleeping, or the ultimate deal killer, traffic.

Rather than dump their valuable plaque and even more valuable swag bag in the dumpster, Ken we traveled far, far, from the South Bay to make deliveries. Winners were incredibly thrilled and happy and etcetera.

Best Male Racer, Justin Williams. This guy nailed down another national crit title, was written up in the Wall Street Journal, and had another banner year as the unquestioned best male bike racer for this year’s awards. Justin is alway ready with a smile and he’s a willing mentor for younger racers. Just don’t look for any kindness when the finish line is near!

Greatest Recovery, “Luke” Rokuta. People know Luke as president/CEO of Pioneer Power Meters, standout rider for Big Orange, and all-round nice guy. Fewer people know that he suffered a massive fracture to his femur earlier in the year, a break that was serious enough for a hospital stay, major surgery, and a long convalescence. However, Luke was back walking and then on his bike long before the doctors predicted, and he has now returned to his usual ways of riding and enjoying the perks of cycling in the South Bay.

GC Award, Lauren Mulwitz. Lauren pretty much does it all. Road, off-road, short races, 200-mile- plus beatdowns … she is one of the grittiest riders you’ll ever meet, yet soft spoken and quick to praise the other person. She’s been a fixture on the scene for years now and has won awards in prior years as well. This year she was an easy pick for rider who excels no matter what the occasion, from group ride to race to apres-ride coffee.

Strava KOM, “Big” Bill Thomas. You get an idea of how big Bill is when you stand next to him, kind of a man mountain. He’s also a ferocious Strava rider and collects KOMs as an avocation. A complete data nerd, Bill takes the virtual world very seriously, which makes him the perfect winner for this award. “Strava or it didn’t happen” is a real thing.


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