Carmaggeddon Day 27

32 miles from my apartment to the Bike Hub secure lockup at Union Station. Access controlled, $5 a week. From there a 1-mile walk to the courthouse.

2.5 hours door to door, about 1 hour more than if I’d driven. Cool, sweat-free LA morning.

I saw, viscerally, how a bike isn’t a toy. At court everyone already looked beaten, exhausted, straining for beer-thirty.

My beautiful day had just begun.


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Bike Hub lockup

7 thoughts on “Carmaggeddon Day 27”

    1. That’s why you watch CL & eBay for the underappreciated road bikes of the ’80s and ’90s. I’d give you hints, but you might be my size.

  1. I’m impressed as hell that you rode 32 miles in a court-ready suit, with (I presume) a briefcase.

    1. Pair of black slacks, white shirt, sport coat & tie, and a backpack. And Zoic underwear with a cycling pad!

      1. I think the next-level move is to get a Planet FItness membership for $20/month and grant yourself a geodistributed shower delivery network.

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