Charging station

The more stuff you have to do to get ready to ride your bike, the less you ride your bike.

I get it.

What I don’t get is how people can spend hours cruising the Stravver or analyzing their power data or cruising the web for the perfect pair of shoes, but come up short in the time department when it comes to Stayin’ Alive.

I’ve written before about lights and why you should always ride with them. Over the years I see more and more and more and riders lit up in the daytime. Although not nearly as many people ride with front headlights, more of them ride with taillights.

Folks, the headlights are every bit as important as the rear ones; that’s why you’re required to have both on your car.

I left the Metro Bike Hub at Union Station last night at 5:07 for a 2-hour commute back home to PV. Friday night in south L.A. is interesting. There are many people on the street and the roads are jammed.

With one exception, I had zero problems riding in the lane down S. Main, Broadway, and Hoover. I attribute it to the lights.



Here’s my set-up:

Two Exposure Diablo headlights set to strobe.

Two Cygolite 150 taillights affixed to my backpack.

One Cygolite 150 taillight affixed to my seatpost.

Four Apace Vision taillights affixed to my seat stays.


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11 thoughts on “Charging station”

  1. Why stop there? Monkeylectric wheel lights on the front wheel maybe the back too. Add some flashing blinking Christmas lights wrapped around the frame. Visible from the side. I’ve added a stuffed animal for fun. Zip tied to the rack or the seat bag.

  2. Impressive lights.

    Do you reduce the front lights’ intensity when riding on a bike path so you don’t dazzle oncoming bicyclists?

  3. Hi Seth,
    Good to see you’re using the Exposure lights. I’ve had mine for a few years and they are incredibly light, bright and well made. Be safe!

  4. Margaret Smiddy

    Thank you! Now that I’m going to be able to start riding soon this is timely. My previous lights got used on a rowing shell and didn’t fare well.

  5. Tim Joe Comstock

    I mounted a spotlight to my drone. It hovers above me on my ride and bathes me in a soft white glow. Saving up for the laser attachment.

    1. Make sure it streams to YouTube so everyone can see your fascinating ride, every pedal stroke.

  6. I always ride with daytime running lights, thanks in part to your example. Because of a bad experience, before I go in a store or whatever, I always grab the headlight and sometimes the taillight just to make sure no one runs off with them. Oddly, I don’t worry about someone stealing my helmet.

    What’s your practice?

    1. The tail lights I don’t worry about, but the headlight is $250+ so I take it with me, always.

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