Carmaggeddon Day #44: Path to destruction

November 8, 2019 § 10 Comments

I tried to figure out how much I’ve been riding since I quit driving back on August 17. Closest I could figure was, “A bunch.”

But how bunchy?

Before going to bed I whipped out my analog Stravver and wrote down the most recent rides I could remember. I’m sure I’ve left several off, but the total is about 620 miles in the last 15 days, or a touch over 300 miles/week. It also leaves off my epic commute to Rancho Cucamonga and a slew of other rides before that.

That is nothing if you are Napoleon Moore, who rides 100 miles+ per day, or if you’re Shirtless Keith, who logs over 18,000 miles a year.

But if you are me, it is a lot of miles and it means you are tired and dragging around bags under your eyes that look like you’ve lost a bad fistfight. I suspect it’s because I’m slow, old, weak, riding a heavy bike with fat tires and lugging a Kryponite + cable, but it’s probably also got to do with the fact that in addition to all that bike riding there is a pile of work that goes along with it. Another thing about commuting in LA: You hit lots of lights and so there is a bunch of starting.

Today I only have about 30 miles on the menu, but I’ve got 150+ coming up over the weekend. I don’t hate my bike yet, but I look at her differently.

Here are some #fakestats:

  1. Daily calories burned: 3,000-5,000
  2. Daily hours on bike: 2-6.
  3. Daily calories consumed: As many as I can get in my mouth.
  4. Tires replaced: 1.
  5. Flats: 0.
  6. Mechanicals: 1/2, when my rear derailleur got badly out of whack and Boozy P. had to fix ‘er up.
  7. Number of times hit in shin by rock: 1.
  8. Late appointments: 0.
  9. Miserable commutes: 0.
  10. Cups of ice cream at Union Station: 6
  11. Bicycle falling off incidents: 0.
  12. Pants waist: 30.
  13. Weight: Nothing fits.
  14. Riding lights: 9.
  15. Regrets: 0.


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§ 10 Responses to Carmaggeddon Day #44: Path to destruction

  • 0 falling off incidents. That is the right number to achieve. Keep it there.

    • fsethd says:

      Everybody falls off eventually!

      • LesB says:

        Used to work with a fellow who had piloted a gunship in ‘Nam. I had asked him why he didn’t become a pilot after the war. He said a helicopter is like a bicycle in that you go along fine most of the time, but eventually you crash.

        So I became a cyclist.

  • pedaltodd says:

    i almost commuted to work today… keep at it!

  • cam says:

    Ebike for the big commutes to avoid burnout? I have 1 that i ll ride when i don t feel like beating myself up for an errand, and its great. Torque sensing retrofit is cheap and awesome. I prefer to ride without a motor usually but when i have to haul the kids, or i m wrecked its the best thing. I decided to never buy another ICE product again a couple years ago, and ebikes can bridge the gap fairly well. I m also quite focused on the maintenance on our remaining Car after my personal car died.

  • RN says:

    When I got my current 80 mile/week commute (plus modest recreation), I was surprised that I did not go back to my old high school / svelt body, but just ate more. Now I know – double that, and …

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