New Year’s Evolution

I’m getting the jump on 2020.

Seems like resolutions for the new year are quaint. Studies show they don’t work anyway.

But what about a New Year’s Evolution? I kind of like that. Evolution isn’t as quick and it’s ongoing. Plus, you can (and will) break a resolution, but you can’t break evolution.

My New Year’s Evolutions are these:

  1. Ride my fuggin’ bike more.
  2. Depend on fossil fuels less in all things.

And because I am in a generous mood, I’m going to give YOU a list of evolutions to consider, in case you’re so inclined.

  1. Ride your fuggin’ bike more.
  2. Depend on fossil fuels less in all things.
  3. Ride your bike to the grocery store once a week.
  4. Ride your bike to the coffee shop once a week but not as part of a group ride.
  5. Ride your bike with your family to dinner once a month.
  6. Ride your bike to work once a week.
  7. Swap out ONE car for ONE e-bike.
  8. Retrofit ONE of your road/cross/MTB/vintage bikes as a commuter bike.
  9. Ride with huge headlights at all times.
  10. Ride with huge taillights at all times.
  11. Control a busy lane once a week.
  12. Ride from the South Bay to DTLA once a month.
  13. Ride the bus with your bike.
  14. Ride the train with your bike.
  15. Use a Metro bike locker then walk somewhere.
  16. Ride with a friend/family to Union Station and have a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.
  17. Do one trafficky gnarly commute (full lights) through somewhere like Anaheim/PCH to Long Beach or Orange County from the South Bay.
  18. Do an East Side Riders Feed the Hungry Ride.
  19. Take a Cycling Savvy online course.
  20. Ride your bike somewhere and lock it up.

Do this list in 2020, starting now, and you’ll evolve. Guaranteed.


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#21: Take your bike up an elevator!

10 thoughts on “New Year’s Evolution”

    1. Same thoughts, however, looking at it, it does Elevate and De-Elevate you, so why not? I don’t believe it actually escalates or de-escalates you at all. I suppose it could be said to increase/escalate your potential energy. I think it is a mis-named functional tool.

  1. My baby steps. # 13, San Pedro to Long Beach for Orange County riding.
    #17, used to but not any more since finding the bus to downtown Long Beach transit center.

  2. I used to get catch grief messengering in NY and at a LOT of buildings in LA because “bikes aren’t allowed” inside, and I don’t leave my bike anywhere I can’t see it.
    They make these big stretchy covers for bikes or you can just use a big trash bag. Wheels off in the bag with the frame, and there you go.
    “Hey what’s in the bag?”
    “None of your fucking business”.

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