I finally found a solution to my excess hair production problem. There is a local business that specializes in scalp sanitizing. It only costs $30 (tip included), and they were able to completely eliminate my messy, unsightly, tangly, muli-hued mop in less than an hour.

The hair engineer advised that the solution is temporary, although there are people who will experience a permanent end to unwanted, continual hair growth. He suggested I return in six months if the problem persists.



15 thoughts on “Wig-off”

  1. I’m interested to hear of any performance enhancing benefits or lack there of as the result of the shearing.

  2. What is the point of riding without a hat if you don’t have your gorgeous locks streaming behind you in the wind like Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver?

  3. Amazing how much your look changes. To be honest, your locks didn’t look bad, however having had Long hair, I know how much better it feels to not have it. Showering goes So much faster.

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